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LORD ALEXANDER'S REEL. Canadian, Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). Composed by fiddler Abbie Andrews of St. Catharine's, Ontario. His band, the Canadian Ranch Boys, featured the McMullen Brothers on vocals and guitars (their father was a fiddler who emigrated from Belfast, northern Ireland in 1915), and, later on, a teenage accordionist named Walter Ostanek. They were primarily a dance band, but they featured vocals, comic patter and comedy skits, one of which involved a huge wrestler by the name of Sky Hi Lee, who feigned displeasure that his singer wife, Billie Allen, was not getting her share of the spotlight [1].

Abbie Andrews and His Canadian Ranch Boys

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Recorded sources: Biltmor 2310A (78rpm), Abbie Andrews and His Canadian Ranch Boys (early 1950's). Sparton 130R (78rpm), Ward Allen (1955).

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Hear Don Messer's recording at Ted McGraw's site [2] (followed by "Mackilmoyle Reel").

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