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MA FERGUSON. Old-Time, Breakdown. A version of "Duck River," and part of the larger "Dubuque" tune family. Biography:Capt. M.J. Bonner (Moses Bonner), who recorded the tune in Houston, Texas, in March, 1925, was a fiddler from Fort Worth, Texas, although he was born in Alabama. "Ma Ferguson" pays homage to the first female governor of Texas, Miriam "Ma" Ferguson [1] (1875-1961), who held office twice, from 1925 to 1927, and a later term from 1932 until 1935. She was the wife of controversial former Governor James E. Ferguson (who was impeached, convicted and barred from public office in Texas again).

Governor Miriam Ferguson

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Recorded sources: County CD-3525. Document Records 8038, "Texas Fiddle Bands. Volume 1, 1925-1930" (1998). Victor 19669 (78 RPM), Capt. M.J. Bonner (with Fred Wagoner on harp-guitar) (1925).

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