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X:1 T:MacCarthy's March M:6/8 L:1/8 N:Maestoso con molto Spirito B:The Dublin Magazine (January, 1843, No. 7) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G D2B, D2E|G2A B3|G2D E2G|A2B e3| B>AG/E/ B>AG/E/|B>AG/E/ B>AG/E/|A>GE/D/ A>GE/D/|A>G/E/D A>GE/D/| B>AG/E/ B>AG/E/|B>AG/E/ B>AG/E/|D2E G2A|B2A G3|| e<dB/A/ e>dB/A/|e>dB/A/ e>dB/A/|d>BA/G/ d>BA/G/|d>BA/G/ d>BA/G/| g>ag/f/ g>ag/f/|g2G G3|G>AG/E/ G>AG/E/|G>AG/E/ G>AG/E/| D>ED/B,/ D>ED/B,/|D>ED/B,/ D2B,|D2E G2A|B2A !fermata!G3||

MACCARTHY'S MARCH. Irish, March (6/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). biography:Henry Hudson's note to the tune in The Dublin Magazine (January, 1843) goes:

A wild March. Simplicity in the arrangement, and power in the performance, are what will make this tell. We have it under the name of "Mac Carthy's March." There are people of this ancient tribe, who, brutishly,--(we tell them the plain fact BRUTISHLY,--they may say themselves, or think it to be only, Britishly)--write their names Mac Carthy--Mc Carthy--M' (apostrophe) Carthy --Mac Carty--Mc Carty--M' (apostrophe) Carty--Macarthy--Macarty--or simply, Carthy--Carty--and so on. But there is only one--genuine--princely--Munster--true-born cognomen in the whole of them-- to be written in Roman characters, Mac Cartha,--and, if you wish to imitate the sound in English spelling say boldly--"like a soldier and a man"--Mac Carha.

See also the musically different "McCarthy March (The)."

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Printed sources : - Hudson (The Dublin Magazine), January, 1843; No. 7.

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