Biography:Henry Hudson

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Henry Hudson

 Given name:     Henry
 Middle name:     Philerin
 Family name:     Hudson
 Place of birth:     Dublin
 Place of death:     Dublin
 Year of birth:     1798
 Year of death:     1889
 Profile:     Collector, Composer, Editor, Musician
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Biographical notes

HENRY PHILERIN HUDSON was born in 1798, the son of a successful Dublin dentist and businessman, as well as a one-time member of the Irish Volunteers who had nationalistic sympathies. Henry was also a dentist, but was as well a prominent member of Dublin society, swimming in professional, intellectual and musical pools. For three years he was the music editor of The Dublin Magazine, from 1841 to 1843, after which the paper abruptly ceased to publish. As with several of his class, he took an interest in collecting folk music. He also composed some 113 pieces, contained in his 870 melody music manuscripts; however, about half of these were copied from publications or manuscript collections of others. His grasp of the Irish language was flawed however, and he frequently present his own compositions as traditional, or at least implied that they were so (see, for example his "Patrick O'Connor."

See Jimmy O'Brien Moran, "Henry Philerin Hudson MRIA: and Irish Macpherson?", Bealoideas, vol 81, 2013, pp. 150-169, for extensive discussion of Hudson, along with a list of the songs/tunes that Hudson himself composed (many of which were disingenuously contextualized as traditional tunes). .