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X:1 T:May Day [1] M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel K:G BA|:G2g2 edeg|B2 BA BcBA|G2 gf edge|A2 AG AcBA| G2g2 edeg|BcBA Bcd2|efed Bdef|gedB AcBA:|| GABc dBGA|B2 BA BcBA|GABc dBGB|ABAG AcBA| GABc dBGA|BcBA Bcd2|efed Bdef|gedB AcBA|| G2 BG DGBG|B2 BA BcBA|G2 BG dGBG|ABAG AcBA| G2 BG DGBG|BcBA Bcd2|efed Bdef|gedB AcBA||

MAY DAY [1]. AKA and see "Miss McLeod's Reel (1)/Miss MacLeod's Reel (1)." English, Reel. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABC.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Kennedy (Fiddlers Tune Book), vol. 1, 1951; No. 48, p. 24. Raven (English Country Dance Tunes), 1984; p. 175.

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