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X:1 T:McGregor's Reel M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel B:Elias Howe – Second Part of the Musician’s Companion (1843, p. 75) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:A A(3c/B/A/ e/A/ (3c/B/A/|e/A/a/A/ g/A/f/A/|e/A/ (3c/B/A/ e/A/f/A/|B/E/c/E/ d/E/B/E/| A(3c/B/A/ e/A/ (3c/B/A/|e/A/a/A/ g/A/f/A/|e/a/e/c/ e/a/e/c/|B/A/B/c/ A2:| |:E(3G/F/E/ B/E/ (3G/F/E/|B/E/d/E/ c/E/B/E/|A(3c/B/A/ e/A/ (3c/B/A/|e/A/a/A/ g/A/f/A/| e/^d/e/c/ a/g/a/f/ |e/^d/e/c/ a/g/a/f/|e/c/a/g/ f/e/d/c/|B/A/G/F/ E/F/G/E/ !D.C.!:|]

McGREGOR'S REEL. AKA and see "Babes in the Woods (3)," "Blackling Races," "Blanchland Races," "Miller's Frolics (2)," "Peter Street (1)," "Sweet Peter Street," "Timour the Tartar." American, Reel (2/4 time). A Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "McGregor's Reel" is an early American printing of the tune well-known in Britain and Ireland as "Peter Street (1)" or "Timour the Tartar," included in Boston music publisher Elias Howe's Second Part of the Musician's Companion (1843). Howe was just beginning his long career of publishing instrumental tutorials and music compendiums, based on earlier publications he obtained as well as some of his own collecting work from regional New England musicians. It may be that he obtained this tune from one such regional musician.

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Printed sources : - Elias Howe (Second Part of the Musician's Companion), 1843; p. 75.

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