Annotation:Merry Lads of Inver (The)

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MERRY LADS OF INVER, THE. Scottish, "The Merry Lads of Inver" was composed by Atholl gamekeeper and fiddler-composer biography:John Crerar. Crerar researcher Eilildh Scammell remarks that Inver was where the ferry crossed the River Tay, prior to Thomas Telford's bridge being built at nearby Dunkeld in 1808. There was an inn at Inver, a congregation point for the ferry[1]. See also Crerar's "Big Boat of Inver (The)."

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  1. Eilidh Scammell, BA Thesis, "John Crerar, a Highland Perthshire fiddler 1750-1840", 2013, p. 31.