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X:1 T:Midnight Serenade [2] M:2/4 L:1/8 B:George P. Knauff - Virginia Reels vol. 4 (No. 8, Baltimore, 1839) N:piano arrangement Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G D|G>ABc|{e}d{e}d/B/ GG/B/|{e}d{e}d/B/ AB/c/|{e}d{e}d/B/ GD| G>ABc|d/e/d/B/ GG/B/|d/e/d/c/ A>F|{F}G2 [GBdg]:| d|[eg][e/g/][d/f/] [ce][Bd]|{e}d>B GG/B/|{e}d>c AB/c/|{e}d>BGd| [eg]>[df][eg][Bd]|{e}d{e}d/B/ b2|{d}c{d}c/A/ af|{f}g2 [GBdg]:| |:D|{D}G/B/A/c/ B/d/c/e/|d/g/d/B/ GG/B/|d/e/d/c/ AB/c/|d/B/g/d/bd| {d}g/d/a/d/ b/d/c'/d/|B/g/d/B/ GG/B/|d/^c/e/d/ {d}=c/B/c/A/|G/B/d/g/ G:| |:d/d/|{f}e/d/e/f/ g/a/g/e/|d/g/d/B/ GG/B/|d/e/d/c/ AB/c/|d/B/g/d/ bd'| g/e/f/d/ e/c/d/B/|d/g/d/B/ GG/B/|d/^c/e/d/ {d}=c/B/c/A/ |G/B/d/g/ G:|

MIDNIGHT SERENADE [2]. AKA and see "Buffalo Gals (1)," "Roundtown Girls," "Lubly Fan." American, Reel. The melody, usually known as "Buffalo Gals," appears under this title in George P. Knauff's Virginia Reels, volume IV (Baltimore, 1839). In 1844 the melody was published as a song, "Lubly Fan," composed by a blackface minstrel with the Virginia Serenaders by the name of Cool White. He is generally credited with originating the tune, however, Knauff's publication predates White's claim and it may be that the tune was already well-established, states Alan Jabbour. The title "Midnight Serenade" also alludes to the lyric of the song, which implores familiarly "Come dance by the light of the moon." See also Annotation:Lubly Fan for more.

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