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X:1 T:Miss Stewart [3] M:C L:1/16 R:Strathspey S:Glen Collection, vol. 1 (1891) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Bb F2|B3cB3c df3 d3B|c3dc2B2 Ac3 AF3|B3cB2F2 G3AB2G2|F3GB3c d2B2B2:| g2|fB3c2B2 b2B2 B2de|fB3 g3B A2c2 c2de|f3Bg3B a3cb3G|F3Ac3e d2B2B2g2| fB3c2B2 b2B2 B2de|fB3 g3B A2c2 c2de|f3dg3e ac3b3g|fd3 c3a b2B2B2||

MISS STEWART [3]. AKA and see "Miss Bigg of Benton's Strathspey," "Mrs. Biggs of Newcastle's Delight." Scottish, Strathspey. B Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. Composed by Abraham Mackintosh (b. Edinburgh, 1769), a son of Robert Mackintosh, who later in life removed to Newcastle where he was employed as a dancing master and musician. The tune appears in Abraham's c. 1797 collection under the title "Miss Bigg of Benton's Strathspey." The first two and a half measures of the tune correspond to "Drunken Sailor (1)."

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Printed sources : - Glen (The Glen Collection of Scottish Music, vol. 1), 1891; p. 41.

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