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X:1 T:Morgiana in Spain M:6/8 L:1/8 B:Hime - Hime's Collection of Country Dances fof 1812 (Dublin) R:Jig Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D F2G A2d|F2G A2d|B2B e2d|ced cBA| F2G A2d|F2G A2d|B2e {d}cBc|d3-d3|| e2d c2f|e2d c2f|e2d c2B|BAA A2f| e2d c2f|e2d c2f|efd cdB|ABG FGE| F2G A2d|F2G A2d|B2B e2d|ced cBA| F2G A2d|F2G A2d|Bed {d}cBc|d3-d3||

MORGIANA IN SPAIN. English, Jig (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABBAA. Another Morgiana tune (see "Morgiana in England" and "Morgiana in Ireland") that appears in a number of musicians' manuscript collections from the 19th century, including poet John Clare (1793-1864, Helpston, Northants, 1820), John Bewich (Northumberland), William Winter (West Bagborough, Somerset), the Welch family (Bosham, Sussex, starting 1800), and James Winder (Wyresdale, Lancashire, 1835). Dance instructions for the tune were printed in G. Graupner's Collection of Country Dances and Cotillons (Boston, Massachusetts, c. 1808). In America the tune appears in George White's (Cherry Valley, New York) commonplace book kept from c. 1790 to 1830.

Although no direct connection with a stage production (e.g. a score or printed song) has been found, it is presumed the Morgiana tunes were derived from a stage production, or were in imitation of a popular period stage production.

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Printed sources : - Callaghan (Hardcore English), 2007; p. 62. Goulding (Twenty-Four Country Dances for the Year 1812), 1812; p. 3. Hime (Hime's Collection of Country Dances for 1812), 1812; No. 9.

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