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X:1 T:Nancy Blevins S:Albert Hash M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel N:ADad tuning (fiddle) D:Rounder 0058, Albert Hash - Old Originals (1978) D:Heritage/Galax LP 041, Albert Hash - Whitetop Mountain Band F: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D (3ABc|d2dd d2A2|BAdA (Bc)AA|+slide+[e2e2][ee][ee][e2e2][d2e2]|fdfd edBA| d2dd d2A2|BAdA (Bc)AA||FDFD EFD(E|F)DFD EFD(E| F)DFD EFAA,|A,B,DD- D2[DA]D|FDFD EFAE| FDFD EFDE|FDFD EFAA|A,B,DD- D2|]

NANCY BLEVINS. American, Reel & Song (cut time). USA, southwestern Va., western North Carolina. D Major. ADad tuning (Albert Hash). One part. The melody is known as a Surry County, North Carolina, regional tune, sourced to fiddler and instrument maker Albert Hash [1] (1917-1983), who lived in nearby Whitetop Mountain, Grayson County, Virginia. Kerry Blech queried Kilby Spencer, Albert Hash's nephew, about the tune. Kilby and Albert discussed it in a c. 1970's taped interview, wherein Albert Hash (1917-1983) said he learned the tune from Jim Reedy, who learned the song from his father, Bob Reedy. Albert recalled:

Albert Hash

That was one that my grandfather--he had a cousin named Nancy Blevins...and it was back just after the Civil War for he said he could remember dancing to that tune with a dress on, and boys would a dress for a couple years like little girls did back then. But this tune--this girl had made up this tune of Nancy Blevins. She was a great fiddler. I tried to find out something about her through some people that lived down there, but the man was not old enough to know anything about it. My grandfather could remember one verse that went into the tune. "I've played this fiddle till it cramps my hand, nary another tune till I get another dram.

Kerry says, "From the interview, it looks like his grandfather died when he was 84, sometime in the early (19)40s." There was an actual Nancy Blevins. Carl Barron searched and found a family history in which it was recalled that "Nancy used to play the fiddle and would play at the Healing Springs Hotel." The history recorded: "1. son of William (Bolen Bill) Baker married Nancy Blevins (11/5/1852 - 1/30/1939) daughter of Alvis and Martha Blevins on 4/27/1871 in Ashe County by R.K. Pearce, Justice of the Peace."

The tune is similar in the first strain to another tune by a regional fiddler, Norman Edmonds, called "Hawks and Eagles."

Additional notes

Recorded sources : - Field Recorders Collective FRC 411, "Albert Hash vol. 1: Recordings from the collection of Kilby Spencer" (2015). Rounder 0058, Albert Hash & Thornton Spencer - "Old Originals, vol. 2" (1978). Smithsonian Folkways FW02380, Wade Ward - "Uncle Wade - A Memorial to Wade Ward: Old Time Virginia Banjo Picker, 1892-1971" (1973).

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