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N.....[1] BABY. American, Reel. USA, north Georgia. Fiddler Ahaz biography:A.A. Gray and guitarist John Dilleshaw recorded four sides together in Atlanta in March, 1930, including "Tallapoosa Bound"/"Streak O' Lean-Streak O' Fat" and "N....r Baby"/"Old Ark's a'Moving (The)." "N..... Baby" was also recorded by the Arkansas band Dr. Smith's Champion Hoss Hair Pullers and others. Arkansas fiddler Seth Mize was recorded in the field playing a tune called "N..... Baby with Black Face and Shiny Eyes" [1] (at the 5:00 point on the track).

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Recorded sources : - Vocalion 5458 (78 RPM), A.A. Gray (1930, north Ga.).

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