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OLD MRS. HUDDLEDEE. AKA and see "Kafoozalum," "Katie Bairdie," "Will You go to Sheriff Muir?." English, Schottische. The tune was played in a medley of schottisches in southern England, along with "Washing Day [1]" and "The Keel Row"; Norfolk area concertina player Scan Tester (1887-1972) and fiddler Walter Bulwer (1882-c. 1972) both independently knew the medley. Bulwer sung this ditty to the tune:

Old Mrs. Hudledee
Went to bed to cuddle me;
Cocked her leg right over me
To keep her belly warm.

See note to "Annotation:Kafoozalum" for more.

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Recorded sources: Topic TSCD607, Billy Cooper, Walter & Daisy Bulwer - "English Country Music" (2000. Originally recorded 1962).

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