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X:1 T:Pêcheuse, La M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Air S:"Louis Beaudreault's 1st tune" K:G |:"G"B2d2B2G2|"D"ABcA "G"B2G2|B2d2B2G2|1 "D"AcBA "G"G3z:|2 "D"ABcA "G"GABc|| "G"d2B2 "C"e2d2|c2~B2 "D"A2 Bc|"G"d2B2 "C"e2d2|c2~B2 "D"[D3A3]A| "G"[D2B2]G2G2 AB|"C"cdcB "D"A3A|[M:6/4]"G"B2G2 "C"AG FE "D"D3D| [M:4/4]"G"[G2B2]G2G2 AB|"C"cdcB "D"[D3A3]A|[M:6/4]"G"B2G2"D"A2F2"G"[G,3G3]A||

PÊCHEUSE, LA (The Fisherwoman). AKA - "La pêcheuse à Pitou Boudreault." French-Canadian, Air (whole time). Canada, Québec. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA’BC. A ‘crooked’ tune, with extra beats in the third and sixth measures of the ‘C’ part. "La Pêcheuse" was the first tune Chicoutimi fiddler Louis Boudreault (1905-1988) learned on the fiddle. He recalled: “When my mother heard me, her eyes filled with tears, knowing full well I would become a fiddler” (Guy Bouchard). The second strain of Joseph Allard's "Reel des cigarettes" opens with a melodic motif that is similar to that of the second strain of "La Pêcheuse."

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Remon & Bouchard (Airs Tordu/25 Crooked Tunes, vol. 2), 1997; No. 4.

Recorded sources : - Jean-Paul Loyer, André Marchand, Pete Sutherland - "Détournement majeur" (1991). TB 200 CD, Les Têtes de violon - "Les Deux rives/Two Shores" (2009).

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