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X:1 T:Paddy Howly M:C L:1/8 R:Reel N:Fr. John Quinn & Conor Ward find cognates in "Bearna Ghaoithe," "Halfpenny Reel (The)," N:"Honeymoon Reel (The)," "O'Connell's Reel," "Pure Drop (The)," "Rap Halfpenny Reel (The)" B:Stephen Grier music manuscript collection (Book 2, c. 1883, No. 241, p. 51) B: N:Stephen Grier (c. 1824-1894) was a piper and fiddler from N:Newpark, Bohey, Gortletteragh, south Co. Leitrim. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G dc|BG GG/G/ DGGc|Bdef gedc|BG GG/G/ dGBd |eBdB A2 dc| BG GG/G/ DGGc|Bdea g2 ga|bgaf gfed|gedB A2|| Bd|ee/e/ ef edBA|Bdef gedc|BG GG/G/ dGBd|eBdB A2 Bd| edef edBA|Bdea g2 ga|bgaf gfed|gedB A2||

PADDY HOWLY. Irish, Reel (whole time). The tune was entered into Book 2 of the large c. 1883 music manuscript collection of County Leitrim fiddler and piper biography:Stephen Grier (c. 1824-1894). Grier researchers Fr. John Quinn and Conor Ward find the tune related to "Bearna Ghaoithe," "Ha'Penny Reel," "Honeymoon Reel (2) (The)," "O'Connell's Reel," "Pure Drop (1) (The)," "Rap Halfpenny Reel (The)," and "Rap Halfpenny Reel (The)."

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