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X:1 T:Patrick O’Connor C:Henry Hudson M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Moderato" B:The Dublin Magazine (December, 1842, No. 44) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G d|Bde dBA|GED EGG|ABd BAB|Eee e2 f/e/| dBA GgG|g>ab/a/ ged|eEe e>fg/e/|d>ed/c/ BGE| G>AB/A/ GAB|A>GE/D/ EFG|D>ED/C/ B,A,B,|G,GG G2|| |:D|A,B,D EB,G|DB,A, G,GG,|G>AB/A/ GDG|Eee e2d| B>AG/A/ Bge|d>BA/G/ ABG|g>ag/e/ dBA|GBA GED| EGA B>A/B/G/|A>G/A/B/ d>ed/B/|e>dB/G/ A>GF/E/|DGG G2:|]

PATRICK O'CONNOR. Irish, Air (6/8 time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). ABB. Dublin dentist, music editor and collector biography:Henry Hudson (1798-1889) remarked in The Dublin Magazine:

This comes also from our “Miscellaneous Collection,” and the individuality of the name, Patrick O’Connor, and its style, both tend to convince us that it is Carolan’s, though not handed down to us as such. Here are his two parts, each of them in three phrases of four bars; composed, not in the vocal flow of the last air, but racy of that wild harp-touch, which characterizes the greater part of his music.

Neither tune nor melody appear in Donal O'Sullivan's definitive Carolan: Life, Times and Music of an Irish Harper (1958). In fact, the piece was the work of Hudson who disingenuously presented his work in a traditional context, in a style and title suggestive of Carolan (although with some significant differences).

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Printed sources : - The Dublin Magazine December, 1842.

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