Annotation:Poor Soldier (2)

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X: 1 T:Poor Soldier [2]. JC.251 T:Deadly Wars, aka JC.251 R:Air S:John Clare,Poet,Helpstone (1793-1864) N:cf Just as the Tide was Flowing. O:England A:Northamptonshire Z:vmp.P. Headford M:C| L:1/8 Q:2/4=60 K:G GA|\ B2D2D2GF|EDEGA2GA|B2D2cBAG|E3FG2:|! |:D2|GABcd2d2|edcBA2D2|GABc dedc|B3cd2D2|! GABcd2d2|edcBA2GA|B2D2cBAG|E3FG2:|

POOR SOLDIER [2]. AKA - "Poor but Honest Soldier." AKA and see "Deadly Wars (The)," "Distressed Soldier (The)," "Mill, Mill Oh (The)." English, Scottish; Air (4/4 time). See notes for "annotation:Deadly Wars (The)" and "Mill, annotation:Mill Oh (The)" for more on this tune. See also the related melody "Just as the Tide was Flowing."

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