Pull Down the Blind

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X:1 T:Pull Down the Blind M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Waltz S:Roche – vol. 3, No. 153 (1927) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D F2|D2(F3G)|A4B2|A2(d3e)|f4a2|a2(g3f)| e4f2|e2d2B2|A2G2E2|D2(F3G)|A4B2| A2(d3e)|f4a2|a2(g3f)|(e2B2)c2|(d2f2)e2|d4:| A2|fff2f2|eee2e2|d2c2B2|A2F2A2|BBB2B2| ccc2c2|d2c2B2|A2F2A2|fff2f2|eee2e2| d2c2B2|A2F2A2|B4B2|c4c2|A2B2c2|d4|| K:G E2|D2(G3A)|B4c2|A2(G3e)|d6|D2(G3A)| B4c2|A2G2E2|D6|D2(G3A)|B4c2| A2(G3e)|d6|D2(G3A)|B4c2|(A3G)G2|G4:| (Bd)|e4e2|e4e2|e2f3e|e2d2B2|d4d2| d4d2|d2g2e2|d2B2G2|c4c2|B4B2| A3GA2|B4D2|(D2G2)A2|B4c2|(A3G)G2|G4||

PULL DOWN THE BLIND. AKA and see “Somebody’s Watching.” Irish, Waltz (3/4 time). D Major ('A' and 'C' parts) & G Major ('C' and 'D' parts). Standard tuning (fiddle) (Roche): G Major (Carlin). AABB' (Carlin): AABCCD (Roche). A "Pull down the blind" waltz was published in New Jersey in 1876, arranged by A. Peck. It has a somewhat similar first strain to the Irish versions, but the second strains are entirely different. However, "Pull down the blind" began as music hall song written and composed by Charles McCarthy--the title being a well-established gag line:
Victoria and Albert Museum.

Did you every make love? If not, have a try.
I courted a girl once, so bashful and shy,
A fair little creature, who, by the by,
At coaxing and wheedling had such a nice way;
Ev'ry night to her house I went
In harmless delight our evenings were spent,
She had a queer saying, whatever she meant,
For whenever I entered the house she would say:

Pull down the blind, love, pull down the blind,
Pull down the blind, love, come don't be unkind;
Though we're alone, bear this in mind
Somebody's looking, love, pull down the blind.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Carlin (Master Collection of Dance Music for the Violin), 1984; No. 294, p. 165 (in a section of Irish melodies). Paul Deloughery (Sliabh Luachra on Parade), 1980; No. 132. Morrison (How to Play the Globe Accordion Irish Style), 1931; p. 19. Roche (Collection of Traditional Irish Music, vol. 3), 1927; No. 153, p. 50.

Recorded sources : - Green Linnet SIF3040, De Dannan - "Ballroom" (1987).

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