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QUICK MARCH 10th REGIMENT [2]. English, March (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The 10th Regiment has had an illustrious career four nearly 400 years. Raised during the English Civil War it was known as the Earl of Bath’s Regiment until 1751, when the practice of calling Regiments of Foot by the names of their Colonels ceased. After 1751 they were known as the 10th Foot. In June of 1767 the 10th sailed from Cork Haven, Ireland, to North America, landing first in Canada where they helped garrison the Great Lakes forts. In 1774 they removed to Boston. In 1775 the 10th was camped on Boston Common when two companies were detailed to the expedition to cease American arms and stores in the countryside. The Grenadier Company and the Light Infantry Company took part in the skirmishes at Lexington Green and Concord's North Bridge on 19 April 1775. The Battalion Companies were at the relief of the troops on the night of the 19th. During the War of American Independence the 10th Foot took part in the battles of Bunker's Hill and Long Island, plus the Invasion of Manhattan Island and the battles of Germantown and Monmouth. Their last major action of the war was in Rhode Island at the defense of Newport and Quaker Hill in August 1778. The Regiment was drafted on 25 September 1778 the officers, sergeants and drummers arriving back in England in December having been away from home soil since 1730. The Regiment played a prominent part in the war with Revolutionary France and the Peninsular War. For its services in the campaign against Napoleon in Egypt, it was granted authority to use the Sphinx as its badge. The territorial connection of the County of Lincoln commenced with an order dated 31 August 1782, in which the 10th Foot was directed “to take the county name of the 10th or North Lincolnshire Regiment and be looked upon as attached to that division of the County. See also Annotation:Quick Step 10th Regiment.

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Printed sources: Aird (Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs), vol. II, 1785; No. 157, p. 58.

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