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REEL McDONNELL. AKA – “Reel à quatre (Le).” French-Canadian, Reel. A version of “Lord MacDonald (4).” Lisa Ornstein says the tune was widely played in Quebec as well as the English-speaking provinces of Canada, although in Quebec, local titles prevailed. “MacDonald” is the title given by fiddler Louis Boudreault (who played a four-part version), although Ornstein notes that in his father’s generation the tune was known locally as “Le reel à quatre,” from the grande danse with which it was associated. Other Quebec titles cited by Ornstein are: Isidore Soucy’s “Gigue à Ti-Zoune,” harmonica player Cyrus Sufour’s “Reel d'Amqui,” harmonica player Wilbrod Boivin’s “Reel du Lac St-Jean (Le),” fiddler Ferdinand Dionne’s “Galope de l'Acadie,” and fiddler Jefrey Jobin’s “<incipit title="load:Petit" width=850 link=" Bûcheux (Le)">Petit Bûcheux (Le)</incipit>.” Montreal fiddler Jean Carignan recorded the tune as “(<incipit title="load:MacDonald" width=850 link=" MacDonald (4)">Lord MacDonald (4)</incipit>") while Joe Bouchard (1905-1979) recorded a deriative as "<incipit title="load:Emile" width=850 link=" St-Émile">Reel St-Émile</incipit>."

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