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REEL McDONNELL. AKA – “Reel à quatre (Le).” French-Canadian, Reel. A version of “Lord MacDonald (4).” Lisa Ornstein says the tune was widely played in Quebec as well as the English-speaking provinces of Canada, although in Quebec, local titles prevailed. “MacDonald” is the title given by fiddler Louis Boudreault (who played a four-part version), although Ornstein notes that in his father’s generation the tune was known locally as “Le reel à quatre,” from the grande danse with which it was associated. Other Quebec titles cited by Ornstein are: Isidore Soucy’s “Gigue à Ti-Zoune,” harmonica player Cyrus Sufour’s “Reel d'Amqui,” harmonica player Wilbrod Boivin’s “Reel du Lac St-Jean (Le),” fiddler Ferdinand Dionne’s “Galope de l'Acadie,” and fiddler Jefrey Jobin’s “Petit bûcheux (Le).” Montreal fiddler Jean Carignan recorded the tune as “Lord MacDonald (4)" (and an Americanized version as "Winnipeg Reel (2)" while Joe Bouchard (1905-1979) recorded a derivative as "Reel St-Émile."

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