Annotation:Reel of Tullochgorum (1)

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X:1 T:Reel of Tulloch Gorum. TWC.082 L:1/8 O:"Scotch" Q:"Allegro" B:Thomas Wilson Companion to the Ballroom 1816 Z:vmp.Mike Hicken 2015 M:C Q:1/4=100 K:C G/A/B/c/ dGcF A2|BGdG Bcdg|BGdG cF A2|Ggdc B2 AB :| |: Ggde fF A2|Ggde f>gag|fedf cF A2|Ggde B2 AB :|

REEL OF TULLOCHGORUM [1]. AKA and see “Jamie Allen,” “Jimmy Allen.” Scottish, Rant or Reel. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. See note for "Annotation:Jamie Allen" for more information. The Northumbrian name for the tune is "Jamie Allen/Jimmy Allen." The tune should not be confused with the similarly-titled "Tullochgorum."

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Printed sources : - Alexander (Alexander’s Fifty New Scotch & Irish Reels & Hornpipes), c. 1826; No. 27, p. 13. Wilson (A Companion to the Ball Room), 1816; p. 63.

Recorded sources: -

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