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X:1 T:Republican Spirit M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel B:George P. Knauff – Virginia Reels vol. 1 N:Published in Baltimore by Geo. Willig n.d. (1839) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D D/(F/A/d/)|f/a/f/d/ c/A/B/c/|(d/A/F/A/) (D/F/A/F/)|(E/G/B/G/) (A/F/D/F/)|EE D/(F/A/d/)| (f/a/f/d/) c/(A/B/c/)|d/A/F/A/ D/(F/A/F/)|E/(G/B/G/) (A/c/e/c/)|d2:| |:(F/A/e/f/)|(g/f/g/e/) (A/d/f/g/)|(a/^g/a/f/) d>A|(B/c/d/e/) f>g|f/e/d (A/c/d/e/)| (f/d/A/F/) (E/G/B/e/)|(g/f/g/e/) (d/c/B/A/)|(B/A/G/F/) G/B/E/c/|[F2d2]:||

REPUBLICAN SPIRIT. AKA and see "Missouri Hornpipe." American, Reel (2/4 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune appears under this title in George P. Knauff's Virginia Reels, volume I (1839, No. 2, p. 1). Some compare "Republican Spirit" with "Folding Down the Sheets." The latter title has several variants some of which are more less related, although some seem distinct tunes using the same title. A definitive link between Knauff's "Republican Spirit" and a "Folding Down the Sheet" tune still needs to be established. See also the closely related Canadian tunes "Mackilmoyle Reel," "Petits Moutons (Les)" and "Galope de la Malbaie."

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Recorded sources : - PearlMae Muisc 004-2, Jim Taylor – “The Civil War Collection” (1996).

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