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X:1 T:Ride a Mile [1] THO3.122 O:England;London M:9/8 L:1/8 Z:vmp. Peter Dunk 2011.from a transcription by Fynn Titford-Mock 2006-9 B:Thompson's Compleat Collection of 200 Favourite Country Dances Vol. III.1765-72 Q:3/8=110 F:http://www.cpartington.plus.com/Links/Thompson/Thompson%20III(12-4-16).abc K:G e|dBd gag fed|gdB BdB d2 e|dBd gag fed|a2 A ABA c2:| |:e|dBG G2 B dBG|(d/c/B/A/G) GAB d2 g|dBG G2 B dBG|ecA ABA c2:|

RIDING A MILE (1). AKA - "Ride a Mile." AKA and see AKA and see "Cummilum," "Fairest Put on Awhile," "Hey My Kitten," "I Don't Care," "Is Cuma Liom," "Mad Moll (1),” "Union Dance," "Virgin Queen," "Yellow Stockings." English, Irish; Slip Jig (9/8 time). G Major (most versions): A Major (Doyle, Haverty, Levey, O'Neill): D Major (O'Farrell). Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB (most versions): AA'BB (Haverty, Levey): AA'BB' (O’Neill/Krassen): AABBCCDD (O’Farrell). The second strain has some similarity to the first strain of “Up and Down Again,” and thus appears related to the “Mad Moll (1)” family of tunes stemming from Playford’s Dancing Master of 1698. However, the two parts are printed reversed in some printings of the slip jig (e.g. O'Farrell).

The slip jig appears at least twice in the large mid-19th century music manuscript collection of County Cork cleric and uilleann piper Canon James Goodman, and was entered into the mid-19th century music manuscript of Sliabh Luachra musician D. Curtin (No. 22, p. 9 [1]). A cognate version was entered in the mid-19th century music manuscript of William Winter, a shoemaker and violin player who lived in West Bagborough in Somerset, under the title "Union Dance."

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - the c. 1845-47 music manuscript collection of Ellis Knowles, a musician from Radcliffe, Lancashire, England [Doyle].

Printed sources : - Doyle (Plain Brown Tune Book), 1997; p. 21. P.M. Haverty (One Hundred Irish Airs vol. 2), 1858; No. 128, p. 59. Hughes (Gems from the Emerald Isles), London, 1867; No. 83, p. 19. R.M. Levey (First Collection of the Dance Music of Ireland), 1858; No. 44, p. 17. O’Farrell (Pocket Companion, vol. II), c. 1806; p. 115 (appears as “Ride a Mile”). O'Neill (Krassen), 1976; p. 85 (appears as "Riding a Mule"). Hugh and Lisa Shields (Tunes of the Munster Pipers, vol. 2), 2013; No. 839. Geoff Woolfe (William Winter’s Quantocks Tune Book), 2007; No. 157, p. 60 (as "Union Dance", ms. originally dated 1850).

Recorded sources : -

  • Jane Keefer’s Folk Music Index: An Index to Recorded Sources [2]
  • Alan Ng’s Irishtune.info [3]

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