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X:1 % T:Rock the Cradle Lucy [2] S:The Cofer Brothers M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Z:Transcribed by Andy Kuntz K:D fa2f afaf|abaf gfef|gfga gfeg|abaf fed[df]-| [df]efg fedf|fgff e2 ][c2e2]-|[ce]Bcd efec|1[d3f3]f [d4f4]:|2 [d3f3]f [d2f2](3dcB|| |:AAAA A2AB|BABd dB (3dcB|AAAB A2 [F2A2]|[E3A3]F [E2A2]AB| AAAA A2AB|BABd dde(f|f)a3 af e2|[d3f3]d [d4f4]:||

ROCK THE CRADLE LUCY [2]. American, Air and Reel (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'BB. This version of the song "Rock the Cradle Lucy" was recorded by the Hancock County, mid-Georgia group the Cofer Brothers, consisting of Leon "L.J." Cofer on banjo and guitar and Paul Cofer on fiddler; both also sang. They recorded three sessions for OKeh records in March, 1927 in Atlanta, Georgia, and again in 1929 under the name Cofer Brothers and also as The Georgia Crackers. The vocal melody and words of the Cofers' "Rock the Cradle Lucy" are cognate with other versions, but the instrumental, breakdown, parts are dissimilar to the Skillet Lickers and other string band versions.

The Cofer Brothers

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Recorded sources: - County 544, The Cofer Brothers - "Georgia Fiddle Bands, vol. 2" (c. 1977. Various artists). Document CD DOCD 8021, The Cofer Brothers - "Georgia String Bands vol. 1, 1927-1930."

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