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X:1 T:Sets canadiens [3a] T:Miss McCloud's Reel N:From the playing of fiddler Georges Frappier M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel D:Gennett 12039-A (78 RPM), Georges Frappier (1921) D: Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:G "*"G2{ga}ge d2ed|d2 {ga}ge d(B/c/ B/A/)B|SG2{ga}ge d2ed|BGAG EFGA| G2{ga}ge d2ed|B2{ga}ge d(B/c/ B/A/)B|G2{ga}ge d2 ed|1BGAG EG (3GGG:|2BGAF G3 || B|B+slide+[ee]-[ee][ee] [e3e3]g|fgaf {a}gfed|B+slide+[ee]-[ee][ee] [e2e2]ge|fgaf e-b b2| B+slide+[ee]-[ee][ee] [e2e2]ge|fgaf {a}gfed|B+slide+[ee]-[ee][ee] [e2e2]ge|fgaf g2(3gfe||[M:3/2]d2ed B2ge d(B/c/ B/A/)B[M:C|]S| P:Opening measure, 1st time only: "*"g3e d2 ge||

SETS CANADIENS [3a]. AKA and see "Stoney Point (1)." French-Canadian, Reel (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'B. The first tune in this set of two recorded in 1921 by fiddler Georges Frappier is seeming a fairly straight-forward setting of "Stoney Point (1)", until the turn back to the 'A' part from the 'B' part, where the first two beats of the usual opening measure are dropped. Frappier, however, manages to make this transition work well in the context of the tune so that it is heard as seamless. His version seems based on the North American anglophone version of tune "Stoney Point (1)/Wild Horse" rather than one of the older overseas "Miss McLeod's Reel (1)" versions, cognate (albeit distanced) only in the first strain.

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Recorded sources : - Gennett 12039-A (78 RPM), Georges Frappier (1921)

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