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X: 1 T:She Wants A Fellow,aka. HA12 M:6/4 L:1/4 Q:140 S:Henry Atkinson MS,Hartburn,Northumberland,1694/5 transcribed John Stokoe 1883 Z:vmp.Cherri Graebe F: K:D Major B/4c/4|d2AF>ED|Eedc2B/c/|d2AF2E|F D2-D2:| |:B/c/|dcdBcd|edec>BA|dcdede|f3a3| f>efBcd|edec>Bc|d2AF2E|FD2-D2:|

SHE WANTS A FELLOW. AKA and see "Buff Coat Hath No Fellow (The)," "Just as I Was in the Morning," "Moll Ross," "Retreat (2) (The)." English, Jig (6/8 time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune was entered into the 1696 music manuscript collection of Northumbrian musician Henry Atkinson under this title, a miss-hearing of the old song "Buff Coat Hath No Fellow (The)," printed by John Playford in 1670 as "Buff Coat" in his Dancing Master (4th edition). London publishers the Thompsons printed a version of the tune as "Retreat (2) (The)" in the mid-18th century.

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