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X: 1 T:Merry Sherwood Rangers, aka TS.164 T:Durham Rangers,aka TS.164 M:C L:1/8 Q:1/2=90 B:Thomas Sands' MS,1810,Lincolnshire R:.hornpipe O:England;Lincolnshire Z:vmp.Ruairidh Greig, 2011 F: K:D FG|ABAFD2de|fgfe d2Bc|dedB ABAF|G2E2E2FG| ABAFD2de|fgef d2Bc|dedB ABAG|F2D2D2:| |:de|fefg afdf|gfed ceAc|dfaf g2bg|f2af g2ee| defg abaf|gfed ceAc|dedB ABAG|F2D2D2:|]

SHERWOOD RANGERS. AKA and see “Duran Rangers,” "Durham Rangers" and "Merry Sherwood Rangers." Scottish, English; Hornpipe. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AB (Kerr): AA’B (Martin). "Sherwood Rangers" (often as "Merry Sherwood Rangers") was included in several musicians' manuscript collections from the northern counties of England, including the copybooks of Thomas Sands (Lincolnshire, c. 1810) and John Baty (Northumberland, c. 1850).

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Printed sources : - Kerr (Merry Melodies, vol. 1), c. 1880; No. 9, p. 43. Martin (Ceol na Fidhle, vol. 3), 1988; p. 15. Jean White (100 Popular Hornpipes, Reels, Jigs and Country Dances), Boston, 1880; p. 10.

Recorded sources : - Fife Strathspey and Reel Society – “The Fiddle Sounds of Fife” (1980). The Albion Band - "The Prospect Before Us" (as “Merry Sherwood Rangers”).

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