Annotation:Sir William Stirling's Strathspey

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X:1 T:Sir William Stirling's Strathspey M:C| L:1/8 C: Miss Stirling of Ardoch N:Magdalene Stirling (1765-1846) was the youngest daughter of Sir William Stirling, 4th Baronet of Ardoch, and his wife Christian Erskine L:1/8 R:Strathspey B:Stirling – Twelve Tunes (1812) K:D D|F<Ad>A TB>Ad>F|TB>Ad>F TE>DE>F|D/F/Ad>A TB>Ad>A|1 B>dA>F E2D:|2 B<dF<d E2 DF/G/|| A>DTF>D A<DG/F/E/D/|E>A,C>A, E>A, E>A,D/C/B,/A,/|A>DTF>D A<DG/F/E/D/|EA,A,B,/C/ {C}D2 DF/G/| D<ATF<D A<DF<D|E<A,TC<A, E<A,TC<A,|D>AF>A G>BF>d|D<af<d Te2d||

SIR WILLIAM STIRLING'S STRATHSPEY. Scottish, Strathspey (cut time). D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AA'B. The tune was composed by biography:Miss Stirling of Ardoch, Magdalene Stirling (1765-1846), was the youngest of five daughters of Sir William Stirling, 4th Baronet of Ardoch, and his wife Christian Erskine. The title honors her father who was born in Russia near the end of 1729. He came to England with his brother Thomas in 1737, and was a lieutenant in General Halket’s Regiment in the Dutch Service, in 1749 and 1752. He married in 1762 to Christian, only daughter of John Erskine of Carnock, advocate, and she predeceased him by ten years. Sir William died at Venlaw, in July 1799. Magdalene herself never married. She was one of the very few women composers to issue a volume of her own compositions, Twelve Tunes by Miss Stirling of Ardoch (c. 1812).

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Printed sources : - Magdalene Stirling (Twelve Tunes composed by Miss Stirling of Ardoch), c. 1812; p. 3.

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