Smell of the Bog (The)

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X: 1 T:Smell of the Bog, The R:hornpipe D:Brendan Begley Z:id:hn-hornpipe-59 M:C| F: K:G ge|dGBd ecge|dBGB dGBd|~c3A ~B3G|AGFE D2ge| dGBd ecge|dBGB dgfg|(3efg cg fdfa|(3gag fa g2:| |:ga|(3bag (3agf gBfB|gBfB ed^cd|efga (3bag (3agf|(3gfe (3fed efga| bg (3agf gBfB|gBfB ed^cd|egcg (3fga df|gagf g2:| P:variations |:(3gfe|dGBd edge|dBGB dBed|(3cdc Ac (3BcB GB|(3ABA (3GFE D2 (3gfe| dGBd edge|dBGB dgfg|(3efe cg fada|g2gf g2:| |:ga|(3bag af gBfB|gBfB edBd|efga (3bag (3agf|(3gfe (3fed efga| (3bag af gBfB|gBfB edBd|egcg fada|g2gf g2:|

SMELL OF THE BOG, THE. AKA – “Scent of the Bog.” Irish, Hornpipe (cut time). G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. The tune is traceable, according to David Taylor (1992), to the Co. Mayo/New York fiddler John McGrath (1900-1955). The tune is similar to "Saratoga Hornpipe (1)"

Additional notes
Source for notated version : - accordion player Joe Burke [Taylor/Tweed].

Printed sources : - Bulmer & Sharpley (Music from Ireland, vol. 2), 1974, No. 51. Jordan (Whistle and Sing), 1975; 71. Taylor (Traditional Irish Music: Karen Tweed’s Irish Choice), 1994; p. 41.

Recorded sources : - Kells KM-9510,Brendan Begley - "We won't go Home 'till Morning"(1997).

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