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X:1 T:South Fencibles March, The M:C L:1/8 R:March N:"As approved of by the Earl of Hopetoun. Colonel." B:Neil Stewart - The South Fencibles March (1800). A single sheet issue, B:which also contained "Miss Murray of Auchtertyre's Strathspey," "Miss Ann Aemelia Stuart's B:Strathspey" and "Haydn's Strathspey." Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Bb Td>e|(fd)Tc>d B2 dB|GBF>D F2 B>c|(d<f)ga/b/ fdTc>B|{Bc}d2 [FAc]>[FAc] [F2A2c2] Td>e| (fd)Tc>d B2 d>B|(G<B)F>D F2 TB>c|(d<f)ga/b/ (f<d)Tc>d|[D2F2B2][DFB]>[DFB]:| |:F2|B>cd>e fd b2|B>cd>e fd b2|B>cBF (dB).d.f|[B2e2g2][Beg]>[Beg] a>b| (bf) f>d d2 f>d|(dB) B>F F2 B>c|dfga/b/ fdTc>d| [D2F2B2][DFB]>[DFB]:|

SOUTH FENCIBLES MARCH, THE. Scottish, March (whole time). B Flat Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "The South Fencibles March" was published in Edinburgh by Neil Stewart in 1800 on a single sheet, with three other tunes ("Miss Murray of Auchtertyre's Strathspey", "Miss Ann Aemelia Stuart's Strathpsey," and "Haydn's Strathspey"). As noted at the top of the publication, it was "approved of by the Earl of Hopetoun. Colonel." See note for "annotation:Quick Step South Fencibles" for more on the military unit.

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