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X:1 T:Tam o' Shanter [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Strathspey B:Milne – Middleton’s Selection of Strathspeys, Reels &c. for the Violin (1870, p. 13) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D A|F<DA,>D F<DA>F|G<EC>E G<EB>G|F<DA,>D F<DA>F| G>BA>G F<DD:|g|f>d f/g/a (f>d) f<a|g>e g/a/b (g>e) g<b| f>d f/g/a (f>d) f<a|g<ba>g f<d d>g|f>d f/g/a (d>f)a>f| g>d g/a/b (d>g)b>g|(3fga (3bag 93fed (3cBA|(3dcB (3ABG F<DD||

TAM O' SHANTER [1]. Scottish, Strathspey (whole time). Tam o' Shanter is the protagonist in poet Robert Burns's epic poem "Tam o' Shanter" [1], along with Souter Johnny and his long suffering wife Kate, "Gathering her brows like gathering storm, nursing her wrath to keep it warm". "Souter Johnny" is the next tune after the strathspey "Tam o' Shanter" in Milne's Middleton's Selection (1870), suggesting the pair were played together in a strathspey-reel medley.

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Printed sources : - Milne (Middleton’s Selection of Strathspeys, Reels &c. for the Violin), 1870; p. 13.

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