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X: 1 T:Tuneful Nightingale. PFD2.303, The B:Playford's Dancing Master, Vol 2, 1713-28 Z:vmp.Steve Mansfield 2015 M:C| L:1/8 W:Longways for as many as will. W:Note: Each Strain is to be play'd twice over. W:First Man and second Woman go the whole Figure thro' the first Woman and second Man |. W:First Woman and second Man do the same |: First Man lead his Partner below the W:second Man, and Figure through the second Couple .| Sett Sides, then Sett to your W:Partners, fall back two Steps, then first Couple cast off |: Q:2/4=90 N:Repeats not in Mss, added to match dance instruction K:F f4 c4 | f2ed c2B2 | A2B2 c2dc | B2A2 G2C2 | f4 c4 | fedc dcBA | GABc AdcB | AGFE F4 :| |: a4 g4 | a2f2 c2f2 | b4 g4 | bagf e2c2 | afaf afaf | bgbg bgbg | agfe dfef | f3e f4 :|

TUNEFUL NIGHTINGALE, THE. English, Country Dance Tune (cut or whole time). F Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. "The Tuneful Nightingale" is a tune and country dance that was first published in London by John Young in his Second Volume of the Dancing Master, 3rd and 4th editions of 1718 and 1728, respectively. It was also printed by rival London music publisher John Walsh in his similarly titled Second Book of the Compleat Country Dancing-Master, editions of 1719, 1735 and 1749.

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Printed sources : - Williamson (English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish Fiddle Tunes), 1976, p. 36.

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