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X:1 T:Union Street Session C:Paul Stewart Cranford B:Lighthouse Collection (Cranford Publications 1996) N:”...written a couple of days after a late night bash at N:fiddler Kyle MacNeill’s home in Sydney [Cape Breton]” R:Reel M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D c|{c}d2 AG ~F2 DF|EA, ~A,2 GFED|{DE}F2 AF GABd|AE ~E2 cdec| {c}d2 AG ~F2 DF|EA, ~A,2 GFED|{DE}F2 AF GABd|AE ~E2 FDD :| |: c|{c}d2 fd gdfa|eA A/A/A cdec|{c}d2 fd ~g2 fg|aeeg ~f2 ec| {c}d2 fd gdfa|eA A/A/A cdeg|~f2 ed {d}e2 cd|{d}e2 dc {c}d2 A :|]

UNION STREET SESSION. Canadian, Reel. Canada, Cape Breton. D Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AAB. Composed c. 1992 by fiddler, music publisher, collector, composer and former Lighthouse keeper, Paul Stewart Cranford. In 2002 Paul de Grae reported the tune was popular in sessions in Ireland, while Nigel Gatherer commented it had popped up in Edinburgh sessions at the time.

Additional notes

Printed sources : - Cranford (Lighthouse Collection: Original Melodies in the Cape Breton, Irish and Scottish Tradition), 1996. Susan Songer with Clyde Curley (Portland Collection vol. 3), 2015; p. 215.

Recorded sources : - Odyssey Records ORCD 1051, Jerry Holland - "Fiddler's Choice" (1999).

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