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WAGONER'S LAD, THE. AKA - "My Horses Ain't Hungry," Old Time, Air. USA, Kentucky. C Major. The song was first printed by the English collector Cecil Sharp, who toured the Appalachians in 1908. In the 78 RPM era it was recorded by Grayson & Whitter (unissued, but with the title as "My Mind is to Marry"), Buell Kazee (Brunswick 213B, 1928), Kelly Harrell (Victor 20103, 1926, as "My Horses Ain't Hungry"), and Vernon Dalhart (Edison 52077, 1927, also as "My Horses Ain't Hungry"). Kazee's version goes:

Your parents don't like me because I am poor,
They say I'm not worthy of entering your door.
I work for my living, my money's my own,
And if they don't like my they can leave me alone.

Oh, your horses are hungry, go feed them some hay.
Come sit down here by me as long as you stay.
My horses ain't hungry, they won't eat your hay
So fare you well, darling, I'll be on my way.

Your wagon needs greasing, your whip is to mend,
Come sit down here by me as long as you can.
My wagon is geasy, my whip's in my hand,
So fare-you-well darling no longer to stand.

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Recorded sources: -Biograph RC6007, Ebenezer "Tell it to Me." Brunswick 213B (78 RPM), Buell Kazee (1928). Rounder CD0421, Bruce Molsky - “Big Hoedown” (1997. Learned from recordings of Mr. & Mrs. John Sams of Combs, Kentucky, and also Buell Kazee). Victor 20103, Kelly Harrell (1926, as "My Horses Ain't Hungry").

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