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WHOOP 'EM UP CINDY. AKA and see "Saro." Old Time, Song Tune and Breakdown. The song was recorded twice by Grand Ole Opry star Uncle Dave Macon in 1926, Sam and Kirk McGee and by Warren Caplinger's Cumberland Mountain Entertainers (Brunswick 241) around 1928 under the title "Saro." A few shared verses with "Cindy (1)." The lyrics are various; the McGee Brothers sang:

Rode up on the mountain,
Give my horn a blow,
Thought I heard my Cindy say
"Yonder comes my beau."

Whoop 'em up Cindy, Lord,
I love Cindy, Lord,
Whoop 'em up Cindy, Lord, Lord,
Gone Forevermore.

Goin' up on the mountain,
Give my horn a blow;
Thought I heard my Cindy say
Yonder comes my beau.

Rather be in Richmond
In all the hail and rain;
Than to be in Georgia, boys,
Wearing that ball and chain.

Source for notated version:

Printed sources: New Lost City Ramblers (Old Time String Band Songbook), 1976; p. 196

Recorded sources: Folkways FA 2397, McGee Brothers and Arthur Smith - "Look! Who's Here: Old Timers of the Grand Ole Opry" (1964). Folkways FA 2397, "New Lost City Ramblers vol. 2" (1960). Guest Star ‎– G 1501, Sam & Kirk McGee - "Whoop 'Em Up Cindy" (1964). High Windy Audio, Doc Watson and David Holt - "Legacy" (2002). Marimac 9008, The Lazy Aces String Band - "Still Lazy After All These Years" (1986. Learned from Uncle Dave Macon via the New Lost City Ramblers). Vocalion 15323 (78 RPM), Uncle Dave Macon & the Fruit Jar Drinkers (1926).

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