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X: 1 T:B163- The Gods of Love (treble staff only) Q:1/4=120 L:1/4 M:6/4 K:Gphrygian D2DD2D|E2DE2F|G3F2F|GG3/2G/2FE2|D2C=B,=A,B,|z6:| E3/2D/2C=B,=A,B,|C3/2D/2C=B,3/2C/2D|E3/2F/2GD3/2E/2F|E3/2D/2C=B,3|| |:C3/2D/2ED3/2E/2F|G2GG3/2F/2E|D2C=B,=A,B,|C3/2C/2G,C3:| F2=EF2G|=A3/2G/2AF3/2G/2A|B3/2=A/2GA3/2G/2A|(G3G3)|]

YE GODS OF LOVE. Scottish. The tune under this title appears in Aberdeen musician John Forbes' Cantus, Songs and Fancie, 1662, according to Robin Williamson, who says it is related to an air in Queen Elizabeth's Virginal Book of 1591 entitled "Irish Ho-Hoane (The)" (a mangled attempt at the Gaelic word ochone or lament).

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Recorded sources : - Flying Fish, Robin Williamson - "Legacy of the Scottish Harpers, vol. 2."

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