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 Theme code Index    1H3H3H1H 62H75
 Also known as    Lady Belle Catherine, Belle Cathrine, Come Dance and Sing, Come Let Us Dance and Sing, Grandmother's Polka, Rising Sun (4) (The), Sons of William (The), Inkle and Yarico (1), Muffin Man (The), Shrewsbury Quarry, 16th of October (The), Sixteenth of October, Wedding Day (9)
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    England, Scotland, United States
 Genre/Style    Contra, English, Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Country Dance
 Key/Tonic of    C
 Accidental    NONE
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    2/4
 Structure    AABA
 Editor/Compiler    Niel Gow
 Book/Manuscript title    Second Collection of Niel Gow's Reels
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 36
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1788
 Artist    Wild Asparagus
 Title of recording    Tone Roads
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    Wild Asparagus WA 003
 Year recorded    1990
 Score   (1)   

X:2 T:La Belle Cathrine [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Country Dance Tune B:Gow - 2nd Collection of Niel Gow's Reels, 3rd ed., p. 36 (orig. 1788) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:C G|c2 (e/d/)c/d/|ec~cB|A2 (d/e/)d/c/|BG TG2| c2 (e/d/)c/d/|eccB|Ad (c/B/)A/G/|c2 C:|| G/F/|EGTG>F|EG Gc/B/|AA (d/e/)d/c/|BG TG>F| EG GA/B/|ce/c/ Bd/B/|cc {f}ed/c/|[G,3D3B3g3] G| c2 (e/d/)c/d/|ecTcB|A2 (d/e/)d/c/|BG TG2| c2 (e/d/)c/d/|ec~c>B|Ad {c}BA/G/|Tc2 C||

X:1 T:La Belle Catherine [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Country Dance B:Samuel, Ann & Peter Thompson - Compleat Collection of 200 B:Favourite Country Dances, vol. 5 (London, 1788, p. 1) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D d2 (f/e/d/e/)|(fd)(dc)|B2 (e/f/e/d/)|cAAc| d2 (f/e/d/e/)|(fd)(dc)|Be (d/c/B/A/)|d2 D2:| |:(FA)(AG)|(FA)(AG)|(F/A/d/e/) [e}dc/B/|(cA)(AG)| (F/G/A/B/) AG|FA (AB/c/)|d>e [g}(fe/d/|{^g}a2A2:|]

X:3 T:La Belle Catherine [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Country Dance B:Aird – Selection of Scotch, English, Irish and Foreign Airs, vol. 4 (1796, No. 34, p. 13) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G A|d2 (f/e/d/e/)|fddc|B2 (e/f/e/d/)|cAAA| d2 (f/e/d/e/)|fddc|Be (d/c/B/A/)|d2 D:| |:A/G/|FAAG|FAAG|FA (d/e/d/e/)|cAAG| (F/G/A/B/) AG|FA A(B/c/)|d>e {g}f(e/d/)|a3!D.C.!||

X:1 T:Belle Catherine [1], La M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Country Dance Tune B:Dale’s Selection of the most favorite Country Dances, Reels &c. (London, B:c. 1800, p. 21) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D A|d2 f/e/d/e/|fd dc|B2 e/f/e/d/|cAAA| d2 f/e/d/e/|fddc|Be d/c/B/A/|d2 D!fermata!:| |:A/G/|FAAG|FAAG|FA d/f/e/d/|cAAG| F/G/A/B/ AG|FA AB/c/|d>e {g}fe/d/|!fermata!a2!D.C.!||

X:4 T:La Belle Catharine [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 S:Riley's Easy Flute Duets (c. early 19th century) N:Publisher Edward Riley was originally a composer, music engraver and N:publisher who worked in London as late as 1805, but removed before N:1814 to New York city. Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D d2 f/e/d/e/ | fddc | B2 e/f/e/d/ | cAAA | d2 f/e/d/e/ | fddc | Be {d}cB/c/ | d/A/f/A/ D2 | FA A/B/A/G/ | FA A/B/A/G/ | FA d/e/f/d/ | e/d/c/B/ A/G/F/E/ | Fa a/b/a/g/ | f/g/a/b/ a/b/a/g/ | f/g/a/f/ g/f/e/d/ | c/A/c/e/ a/g/f/e/ | d2 f/e/d/e/ | f/g/a/f/ d/e/f/d/ | B/^d/e/f/ g/a/b/=d/ | c/d/e/d/ c/A/B/c/ | d2 f/e/d/e/ | f/g/a/g/ f/e/d/c/ | B/(b/a/)g (f/e/)d/c/ | d/A/F/A/ D2 || f2 a/g/f/g/ a/d'/a/f/ d/a/f/d/ | B/^d/e/f/ g/a/g/f/ | e/a/e/c/ A/g/f/e/ | f2 a/g/f/g/ | a/d'/a/f/ d/a/f/d/ | g/b/a/g/ f/e/d/c/ | dd d2 | d/A/d/e/ f/a/f/e/ | d/A/d/e/ f/g/a/f/ | g/f/e/d/ c/B/A/G/ | F/A/d/e/ f/g/f/e/ | d/A/d/e/ f/g/f/e/ | f/g/a/f/ b/a/g/f/ | e/d/c/B/ A/g/f/e/ | f2 a/g/f/g/ | a/d'/a/g/ f/a/f/d/ | etc.

X:1 T:Belle Catherine [1], La M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Country Dance N:”A favourite Country Dance.” N:”Walker’s Hibernian Magazine, 1786.” S:Henry Hudson manuscript collection c. 1841 (Dublin, No. 296) N:Hudson was a Dublin dentist and an early collector. He was N:music editor of The Citizen or Dublin Monthly Magazine from N:1841-1843. F: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:C c2 dc/d/|ec Tc2|Addc|BG TG2| c2 dc/d/|ec Tc2|AfdB|(c2 c2):| |:G/A/G/F/ EF|G/A/G/F/ EF|G/A/G/F/ Ee|dcBA| G/A/G/F/ EF|G/A/G/F/ EG|cd f/e/d/c/|(g2 g2)!D.C.!:|]

X:1 T:Belle Catherine [1], La M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Country Dance B:Alexander’s New Scrap Book vol. 6 (c. 1845, No. 866, p. 19) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D A|!segno!d2 (f/e/d/e/)|(fd)(dc)|Be (e/f/e/d/)|cAA (B/c/)| d2 (f/e/d/e/)|fddc|Bedc|d3!fermata!|| (A/G/)|(FA)AA|(FA)AA|FA df|(e/d/).c/.B/ AA| FA (A/B/A/G/)|FA (A/B/A/G/)|FAdf|!fermata!a3 {ba} {gfge}!segno!!D.C.!||

X:0632 T:Don't You Know the Muffin Man. Roose.0632 T:La Belle Catherine,aka. Roose.0632 T:Come Dance and Sing,aka. Roose.0632 T:Inkle and Yarico,aka. Roose.0632 M:2/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 B:J.Roose MS, Manchester 1850 Z:Village Music Project, Peter Dunk 2019 K:D d2ee|fd dc|Be ed|cA A2|d2ee|fd dc|Be dc|"^FINE"d4:| FA A2|FA A2|FA df|ec A2|FA A2|FA A2|FA df|Ha2 f!D.C.!e|]

X:1 T:La belle Catharine [1] or the Wedding day O:No 43 Wm Clarke of Feltwell MS 1858 N:Bottom of page N:As written I:abc2nwc M:2/4 L:1/16 K:D A2|d4fede|fddc|B4efed|cAAA|d4fede|fddc|B2e2 dcBA|d4D2:| |:AG|F2A2A2G2|F2A2A2G2|F2A2 dfed|cAAG| FGAB A2G2|F2A2 A2Bc|d3e2 {f}f2e2d2|a4A4|d4fede| fddc|B4efed|c2A2A2A2|d4fede|fddc|B2e2 dcBA|d4D4|]