Bessie's Haggis

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 Theme code Index    1315 6422
 Also known as    Bessy Haggice, Bessy's beauties shine sae bright, Bessy's Haggies, Bonny Bessy
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    Scotland
 Genre/Style    Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Air/Lament/Listening Piece, Country Dance
 Key/Tonic of    D
 Accidental    2 sharps
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    4/4
 Structure    AABBCCDDEE
 Editor/Compiler    William Thomson
 Book/Manuscript title    Orpheus Caledonius vol. 2
 Tune and/or Page number    No. 30, p. 122
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1733
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
 Score   (1)   

X:1 T:To the tune of Bessy’s Haggies M:C L:1/8 R:Air B:William Thomson - Orpheus Caledonius, vol. II (1733, No. 30, p. 122) B: N:Thomson (c. 1695-1753) was a Scottish singer and folk song collector N:who lived in London for most of his adult career. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D D2 FE D2 A2|BAG F E2 z2|D2 FE D2A2|Bcd A F2A2| B2d2F2A2|BAG F E2z2|D2 FG A2 de|f2D2F2A2|| d2d2 d2-e f |gfe d e2z2|d2 fd A2 dA|B>cd A F2A2| B2d2 F2-G A|BAG F E2 ef|gfe d (c2d) e|f2 D2 F2A2||

X:1 T:Bessy Haggice M:C| L:1/8 R:Country Dance B:John Walsh - Caledonian Country Dances (c. 1745, p. 40) N:Published in several volumes and different editions, 1731-c. 1745) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D A,2D2D2 (FA)|(BA)(GF) E3A|D2F2 D2A2|(Bc)(dA) F2A2| B2d2 (FG)(AF)|(BA)(GF) E3A|D2 F2A2 de|f2 D2F2A2:| |:D2A2d2 (cB)|e2E2E2 (FE)|D2A2 d2(cB)|c2(BA) d3e| (fd)(ec) (dB)(cA)|(BF)(GA) E3F|(DE)(FG) (AB)(cA)|d2 D2 F2A2:|]

X:2 T:Bessie's Haggies M:C L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Slow" S:McGibbon - Scots Tunes, Book II, p. 32 (c. 1746) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D D2 F>E D2A2 | (BA)(GF) TE3F |D2 FE D2A2|(B>cd)A TF2A2 | B2d2F2A2| (BA)(GF) TE3F |D2F2A2(de)|f2D2TF2A2:| |:D2A2 (d2TcB)|(c>d) (c/d/e) E3F| D2A2d2(de)|{d}c2 (BA)d3e| (fd)(ec) (dB)(cA)|(BF)(GA) TE2F|(DE)(FG) (ABc)A | (d>ef)D TF2A2:| |:d2dd (d/e/f/g/ a)d|(ba)T(gf){f}e3e|fdAd (F/E/F/G/A)F| (B/A/B/c/) (B/c/d/A/) FGAF| (B/A/B/c/) (B/c/d/A/) (F/E/F/G/) (F/G/A/F/)| BA(G/F/)(d/F/) {F}TE3F|D(D/E/) F(F/G/) A/(c/B/A/) de|{e}f2D2TF2A2:| |: DDFA d2 T(cB)|c>d (c/d/e) E3F| D(D/E/ F/D/F/A/)|{d}c2 T(BA) (dc)(de) | (f/d/)T(d/>c/2d/4) (e/c/)T(c/>B/2c/4) (d/B/TB/>A/2B/4) (c/A/TA/>G/2A/4)|(B/F/TF/>E/2F/4)(G/4F/4G/4A/4G/F/) {F}TE3F| D/(F/E/)(G/ F/)(A/G/)(B/ A/)(c/B/)(d/ c/)A/B/c/|(d/c/d/)e/ (d/e/f/)D/ TF2A2 :||

X:1 T:Bessie's Haggis M:C L:1/8 Q:"Slow" B:Oswald – Caledonian Pocket Companion Book 3 (1760, p. 22) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D D2 T(FE) D2A2|(BA)(GF) TE3F|D2 (FE) D2A2|(Bcd)A TF2A2| B2d2TF2A2|(BA)(GF) TE3F|D2F2A2 (de)|{de}f2 D2TF2A2:| |:D2A2d2(cB)|c>d (c/d/e) TE3F|D2A2 d2 (de)|Tc2 (BA) d3e| fdec dBcA|BFGA TE3F|DEFG ABcA|(def)D TF2A2:| R:Variations |:d2dd d/e/f/g/ a/f/e/d/|b(b/a/) (a/g/)(g/f/) {f}e3e|fdAd (F/E/F/G/) AF| (B/A/B/c/) (B/c/d/A/) FGAF|(B/A/B/c/) (B/c/d/A/) (F/E/F/G/) F/G/A/F/| BA G/F/d/F/ {F}TE3F|D(D/E/) F(F/G/) (A/c/B/)A/ de|f/g/e/f/ dD TF2A2:| |:(D/F/E/D/) (A/F/E/D/) dT(cB)|cd (c/d/e) TE3F|D(D/E/ F/D/F/A/) (dc) (d/f/e/d/)| {d}c2 TBA (dc)de|\ L:1/16 (fdTd3c/d/) (ecTc3B/c/) (dBTB3A/B/) (cATA3G/A/)|B(FTF3E/F/) B2F2 {F}TE6GF2| L:1/8 (D/F/)(E/G/) (F/A/)(G/B/) (A/c/)(B/d/) (c/A/)(B/c/)|(d/c/d/e/) (d/e/f/)D/ TF2A2:|]

X:1 T:Bessie's Haggis M:C L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Moderato" B:Davidson's Gems of Scottish Melody (n.d., p. 33) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D D2 F>E D2A2|BAGF TE>DEF|D2 F>E D2A2|B>cd>B F2A2| B2d2 F2A2|BAGF TE>DEF|D2F2A2 d>e|f2D2F2A2!fine!:|| D2A2 d2 TcB|c>d c/d/e E3F|D2A2d2 de|dcBA d3e| fdec dBcA|BAGF TE>DEF|DEFG ABcA|d>efD F2A2:| |:d2 f>e d/e/f/g/ af|bagf Te>def|dfAd F/E/F/G/ AF| B/A/B/c/ B/c/d/A/ F>GAF|B/A/B/c/ B/c/d/B/ F/E/F/G/ F/G/A/F/|B/c/A/B/ G/A/F/G/ TE>DEF| DD/E/ FF/G/ A/c/B/A/ d/c/d/e/|{g}f2D2F2A2:| |:DD/E/ FA d2 cB|c>d c/d/e TE>DEF|DD/E/ FDFA dcde| dcBA dcde|f/d/Td/>c/d/4 e/c/Tc/>B/c/4 d/B/TB/>A/B/4 c/A/TA/>G/A/4| BcAB GAFG E>DEF|D/F/E/G/ F/A/G/B/ A/c/B/d/ c/A/B/c/|d/c/d/e/ d/e/f/D/ TF2A2!d.c.!||