Biography:Thomas J. Armstrong

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Thomas J. Armstrong

 Given name:     Thomas
 Middle name:     J.
 Family name:     Armstrong
 Place of birth:     
 Place of death:     
 Year of birth:     1859
 Year of death:     1932
 Profile:     Composer
 Source of information:     

Biographical notes

Thomas J. Armstrong was an American banjoist, teacher, composer and performer who directed the American Banjo Club. The sixteen-member club debuted in 1887. Armstrong contributed tunes to the S.S. Stewart Banjo and Guitar Journal of the 1880's and composed such tunes as "Dorigo Schottische" and "Darkey's Dream." He authored The Crown Banjo Method, published by Oliver Ditson Company, 1889, Armstrong's Advanced Studies for Banjo (1902) and similar tutorials. Later in life he championed the four-string plectrum banjo, and wrote:

Ragtime is regarded as musical slang by the bighbrows, but their attitude towards it would be different if they didn't have to give the banjo credit for securing a monopoly of praise in that field. When you want real syncopated rag, well done with plenty of gravy, have it served hot on a banjo!