Drunk at Night and Dry i' the Morning (1)

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 Theme code Index    332 313
 Also known as    Lude's Lament
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    England, Scotland, Ireland
 Genre/Style    English, Irish, Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Air/Lament/Listening Piece
 Key/Tonic of    A
 Accidental    3 sharps
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    3/4
 History    ENGLAND(North East), ENGLAND(North West)
 Structure    AABCDC
 Editor/Compiler    Biography:Robert Riddell
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:Collection of Scotch Galwegian Border Tunes
 Tune and/or Page number    pp. 30-31
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1794
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
 Score   (1)   

X:1 T:Drunk at Night and Dry in the Morning [1] M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Slow Air S:Gow - 3rd Repository (1806) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A {AB}c4 ~B2| c>BA>B c2 | (E2A2) (B/c/d) | (d2c2)B2 | {d}c>BA>B c2|E>DC>D E2| (F2A2)G2 | A6 :| A2 (ef/e/) c2 |A2 (ef/e/) c2 | (A2e2)e2|e3d c2 | A2 (ef/e/) c2|A2 (ef/e/)c2 | A2c2c2 | c3BA2 | ~c>BA>B c2 | E>DC>D E2| (F2A2) (Bc/d/)|(d2c2)B2| c>BA>B c2 | E>DC>D E2 | (F2A2)G2 | A6 || (A,B,/C/) | D2 (FD) (FD)| C2 (EC)(EC) | A,2 A2 (Bc/d/) | (d2c2)B2|D2(FD)(FD) | C2 (EC)(EC) |A,2 A2G2 | A4 (A,B,/C/)|D2 (FD)(FD) | C2(EC)(EC) | A,2 A2 (Bc/d/) | (d2c2)B2 |~c>BA>B c2 | ~E>DC>D E2 | (F2A2)G2 |A6 || A2 (fA)(fA) | A2(eA)eA | A2e2e2 | e3d c2 | A2 (fA)(fA) | A2(eA)(eA) | A2c2c2 | c3BA2 | c>BA>B {AB}c2 | E>DC>D E2 | F2A2 (Bc/d/) | d2c2B2 | {d}c>B A>B {AB}c2 | E>D C>D E2 | (F2A2)G2 | A4 ||

X:1 T:Drunk at night and dry in the morning M:3/4 L:1/8 R:Air N:”Slow” N:”The Variations by R.R.” N:""Thies is sett on the scordatura, the proper key, in a former collection. It N:was sett with a bass for the harpsichord but did not answer to well for N:fiddle as now--being on the scordatura no bass was set." N:Scordatura tuning: AEae B:Robert Riddell – Collection of Scotch Galwegian Border Tunes (1794, pp. 30-31) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:A AB|(A/B/c) A2D2|{E}D2B,2D2|E2 B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}B4 AB| (A/B/c) A2D2|{E}D2B,2D2|D2G2TF2|G4 AB| (A/B/c) A2D2|{E}D2B,2D2|E2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}TB4 AB| (A/B/c) e2A2|{f}Te3c TB>A|D2G2 TF>E/F/4|[B,4G4]|| AB|(A/B/c) A2D2|EDCB, (3E/D/C/ (3B,/A,/G,/|A,2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}TB4 AB| A/B/c e2a2|fedc (3d/c/B/ (3c/B/A/|D2G2TF2|G4|| e2|f3d f2|e2c2{B}A2|afecTBA|TB4 e2| f3df2|e2c2a2|D2G2TF2|G4 e2| f3df2|e2c2{B}A2|(c/A/B/c/d/e/f/g/a/f/e/c/)|TB4 AB| (A/B/c) e2a2|(g/f/e/d/f/e/d/c/d/c/B/A/)|D2G2TF2|[B,4G4]|| ED|C2 (EC)(EC)|B,2 DB,DB,|A,2 B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}TB4 ED| C2 (EC)(EC)|B,2 (DB,)(DB,)|G,2G2TF2|G4 ED| C2 (EC)(EC)|B,2 (DB,)(DB,)|A,2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}TB4 AB| (c/A/B/c/d/e/f/g/a/g/f/e/)|(d/c/B/A/) Te2D2|E2G2TF2|[B,4G4]|| ab|a/b/c' a2e2|{f}e2c2e2|f2 b2 b/c'/d'|{a}Tb4 ab| a/b/c' a2e2|{f}e2c2e2|f2a2Tg2|a4 ab| a/b/c' a2e2|{f}e2c2e2|f2b2 (b/c'/d')|{c'}b4 ab| a/b/c' e'2f'2|e'2c'2 ba|e3a Tg2|a4|| AB|cA DAB,D|G,B,DAcA|E2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}TB4 AB| cADAB,D|G,B,DAcA|E2G2TF2|G4 AB| cADAB,D|G,B,DAcA|E2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4d)|{c}TB4 AB| cAeAaA|(g/f/e/d/f/e/d/c/d/c/B/A/)|D2G2TF2|[B,4G4]|| e2|fdcdfd|ecAcac|fedcBA|{c}B4e2| fdcdfd|ecAcac|D2G2TF2|G4e2TF2|[B,4G4]|| AB|(c/B/A/c/) (B/A/E/B/) (G/E/D/E/)|(D/E/G/E/) (G/E/D/B,) (G,/B,/D/B,/)| A,2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d)|{c}TB4 AB|(c/B/A/c/) (B/A/E/B/) (G/E/D/E/)|(D/E/G/E) (G/E/D/B,) (G,/B,/D/B,/)|G,2G2^F2|G4 AB| (c/B/A/c/) (B/A/E/B/) (G/E/D/E/)|(D/E/G/E/) (G/E/D/B,) (G,/B,/D/)B,/|A,2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}TB4AB| (c/B/A/c/) (B/A/E/B/) (G/E/D/E/)|(D/E/G/E/) (G/E/D/B,/) (G,/B,/D/)B,/|G,2G2TF2|G4 AB| (c/B/A/c/) (B/A/E/B/) (G/E/D/E/)| (D/E/G/E/) (G/E/D/B,/) (G,/B,/D/B,/)|A2,B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}TB4 AB| (c/A/c/e/) (f/A/c/e/) (a/A/c/e/)|(f/e/d/c/d/c/B/A/e/c/B/A/)|D2G2TF2|[B,4G4]|| ab|c'/a/e/a/ A/a/c'/a/ A/a/c'/a/|c'/a/e/a/ A/a/c'/a/ A/a/c'/a/|f2b2 b/c'/d'|{c'}b4 ab| c'/a/e/a/ A/a/c'/a/ A/a/c'/a/|c'/a/e/a/ A/a/c'/a/ A/a/c'/a/|f3a g2|a4 ab| c'/a/e/a/ A/a/c'/a/ A/a/c'/a/|c'/a/e/a/ A/a/c'/a/ A/a/c'/a/|f2b2 b/c'/d'|{c'}b4ab| a/b/c' e'2f'2|e'2c'2 ba|e3 a Tg2|a4|| ED|C2 (E/C/B,/C/) (E/C/B,/C/)|B,2 G/B,/G,/B,/ G/B,/G,/B,/|A,2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/c4c/4)d|{c}TB4 TED| C2 E/C/B,/C/ E/C/B,/C/|B,2 G/B,/G,/B,/ G/B,/G,/B,/|G,2 G2TF2|G4 TED| C2 E/C/B,/C/ E/C/B,/C/|B,2 G/B,/G,/B,/ G/B,/G,/B,/|A,2B2 (d/4c/4B/4A/4B/4c/4)d|{c}TB4 AB| (c/A/B/c/d/e/f/g/a/g/f/e/)|(f/e/d/c/d/c/B/A/e/c/B/A/)|(D/G/F/G/) (B,/G/F/G/) A,/G/F/G/|G,4|| M:12/8 L:1/8 A/B/|cBA EAD EBB BAB|cBA EAD EGG G2:| |:A|cee ecA|edc BAB|cBA EAD EGG G2:|]

X:3 T:Drunk all night and Dry in the Morning. Roose.0717 M:3/4 L:1/8 Q:3/4=60 B:J.Roose MS, Manchester 1850 Z:Village Music Project, Steve Mansfield 2019 K:D [A,EAc]2 |: AB | c2A2E2 | EDCB,A,G, | A,2d2c2 | c2B2GA | c2A2E2 | EDCB,A,B, | G,GDCB,A, | A,2G,2 :| |: A2 | e2c2A2 & D6 | e2c2A2 & D6 | ABABAB & D6 | c2B2A2 & D6 | e2c2A2 & D6 | CB,CDEC | B,GDCB,A, | A,2G,2 :| |: z2 | "Pizz" .e2.A2.D2 | .e2{e}.A2{A}.D2{D} | "Arc"G,2d2B2 | c2B2A2 | "Pizz" .e2{e}.A2{A}.D2{D} | "arc"CB,CDEC | B,GDCB,A, | A,2G,2 :| |: "Harmonic" z2 | D2C2B,2 | D2C2B,2 | D2C2B,2 | B,2C2D2 | B,2C2D2 | CB,CDEC | B,GDCB,A, | A,2G,2 :| |: (3B,CD | C2ECEC | B,2DB,DB, | G,2dDcD | BDADdD | cDBDAD | CB,CDEC | B,GDCB,A, | A,2G,2 :| |: "Pizz" .e2.A2.D2 & "Arc" G,/G,/G,/G,/ G,/G,/G,/G,/ G,/G,/G,/G,/ |\ .e2.A2.D2 & G,/G,/G,/G,/ G,/G,/G,/G,/ G,/G,/G,/G,/ | \ "Arc" G,2d2c2 | c2B2A2 | "Pizz" .e2.A2.D2 & "Arc" G,/G,/G,/G,/ G,/G,/G,/G,/ G,/G,/G,/G,/ | CB,CDEC | B,GDCB,A, | A,2G,2 :| |: (3ABc | eDcDAD | eDcDAD | ADBDcD | cDBDAD | eDcDAD | CB,CDEC | B,GDCB,A, | A,2G,2 :|