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About featured content

What is featured content?

Featured content is content which is considered, for a variety of reasons, to present The Traditional Tune Archive at its best to the general public. Featured content may show exemplary tune with a fragment of annotations.

How is featured content displayed to the public?

There are a number of ways featured content is used.

  1. Featured content on TTA is regularly rotated in the "Featured tunes" on the main page.
  2. Many portals also have featured content. This page can be used for finding resources which are suitable for featuring on specific portals. Portals tend to set the bar for featured content somewhat lower, so portals may also feature content not listed here.

An important difference between featured content on TTA and featured content on much larger projects is that on the Traditional Tune Archive, featured content is rotated. On very large projects, featured content is selected by special interest groups several weeks or months in advance, and is always new. On the Traditional Tune Archive, to save time, featured content is rotated (for now) on a weekly basis. Featured content therefore reappears on the main page at regular intervals.

Who selects featured content?

Selecting and maintaining a featured content system requires a time-consuming long-term commitment and a wide knowledge of Traditional Tune Archive content. Two people have ever been prepared to invest time in this. On larger projects, featured content is usually selected by democratic vote. However democratic systems only work when there is a large enough body of well-informed participants in a featured content project. The Traditional Tune Archive system is unfortunately rather autocratic at the current time, but any user can propose content (just send an e-mail to the WikiSysop). Please inform yourself widely about featured content before commenting if you can.