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 Theme code Index    5553 5553
 Also known as    Giolla, Keele Cranke, Killycrankie, Killiekrankie, Planxty Davis, Gilly Crankie
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    Scotland
 Genre/Style    Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Air/Lament/Listening Piece, March/Marche
 Key/Tonic of    C
 Accidental    NONE
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    4/4
 Structure    One part, AB, AABB, AABBCCDD
 Editor/Compiler    Henry Playford
 Book/Manuscript title    A Collection of Original Scotch Tunes
 Tune and/or Page number    No. 6, p. 3
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1700
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
Lochiel's charge at Killycrankie.jpg

Played by: Natalie McMaster
Source: Soundcloud
Image: The charge of the Cameron Jacobite forces at the Battle of Killiecrankie.
 Score   (1)   

X:0 T:Keele Cranke M:C| L:1/8 N:Also in Henry Atkinson's ms. (1694) B:Henry Playford - A Collection of Original Scotch-Tunes, (Full of the B:Highland Humours) for the violin (London, 1700, No. 6, p. 3) N:"Most of them being in the Compass of the Flute." Z:AK/FIddler's Companion K:C V:1 clef=treble name="0." [V:1] EF|G3A G2EF|G3A G2EF|GFED CDEF|G4 G4| A2B A2G2|c3B A2G2|c3d edcB|A4 A2 ef| g2e2g2c2|d2c2d2e2|c2A2c2E2|G4 G3B| A4c4|d3c d2e2|c2A2c3E|D4 C2 ef| gfga g2 ef|gfga g2 ef|gfed cdef|g4 g4| a3b a2g2|c'3b a2g2|agfe defg|a4 a2G2| cBcd edef|gfga g2 fe|d2c2B2A2|G4 G3A| A4c4|d3c d2e2|(cA3) c3E|D4 C2||

X:1 T:Keele Cranke M:C| L:1/8 B:Daniel Wright - Aria di Camera (London, 1727, No. 50) N:”being A Choice Collection of Scotch, Irish & Welsh Airs N:for the Violin and German Flute by the following masters N:Mr. Alex. Urquahart of Edinburgh, Mr. Dermot O'Connar of Limrick N:Mr. Hugh Edwards of Carmarthen” F: Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D V:1 clef=treble name="1." [V:1] FG|A3B A2 FG|A3 B A2FG|AGFE DEFG|A4 A4| B3c B2A2|d3c B2A2|d3e fedc|B4 B2 fg| a2f2a2d2|e2d2e2f2|d2B2d2F2|A4 A3c| B4 d4|e3d e2f2|d2B2d3F|E4 D2|| fg|agab a2 fg|agab a2 fg|agfe defg|a4 a4| b3c'b2a2|d'3ab2a2|bagf efga|b4 b2A2| dcde fefg|agab a2 gf|e2d2c2B2|A4 A3c| B4d4|e3d e2f2|(dB3) d3F|E4 D2||

X:2 T:Gilliecrankie T:Killicrankie [1] M:C L:1/8 Q:"Brisk" S:McGibbon - Scots Tunes, book II, p. 37 (c. 1746) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D V:1 clef=treble name="2." [V:1] F/G/ | A>dAF (A/F/)(A/d/) AF | (A>Bd)F (A2A)d/c/ | B>dBA T(B/A/B/)d/ BA | (d/c/d/)e/ (d/e/f/)d/ (B2B)f/a/ | b(a/f/) a(f/e/) | f(e/d/) ef | A>BdF A2 Ad/c/ | BB dd ee Tf>e | d>B (A/B/d/)F/ TE3D :: (f/g/) | a>baf T(a/g/a/)b/ af | (a/g/)T(f/e/) d/e/f/g/ (a2a)f/a/ | b>d'ba (b/a/b/)d'/ ba | (b/a/)(g/f/) (e/f/)(g/a/) (b2 b)f/a/ | (b/a/f/)b/ (a/f/e/)a/ (f/e/d/)f/ (e/d/)(B/e/) | (d/B/)(A/B/) (d/c/d/)F/ (A2A)d/c/ | T(B/A/B/)c/ (d/c/d/)f/ (e/d/e/)g/ Tf>e | (d/B/A/B/) (A/B/d/)F/ TE3D :|

X:3 T:Gilly Cranky T:Killiecrankie [1] M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Moderato" B:Oswald - Caledonian Pocket Companion Book 3 (1760, p. 26) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D V:1 clef=treble name="3." [V:1] FG|A3BA2F2| A3B A2 (FG)|(AG)(FE) (DE)(FG)|A4 A2 (f/e/d)| B3d TB2A2|(BA)(Bd) B2 (AB)|d3e {de}f2 ed|B4 B2 fa| b2 af a2 (fe)|(gf)(ed) Te2 (de)|fedB ABdF|A4 A2d2| TB2 AB Td2 Bd|Te2 de {de}f3e|{e}d2B2 ABdF|TE4 D:| |:(fg)|a3b a2f2|agab a2 (fg)|agfe defg|a4 a2 fa| b3d' b2a2|babd' Tb2a2|bafe defa|b4 b2 fa| bafb afea|fedf edBe|dBAB dABF|TA4 A2 (dc)| BdAB d3e|fdef {de}f3e|dBAB dBAF|TE4 D2:| |:FG|A3B AF .d2|AF.d2 AF .d2|DEFG AFdF|A4 A2 (dc)| BdAd BdAd|BdAd BdAB|dfeg fedc|B4 B2fa| ba Tf2 AF TE2|af Te2 FE D2|fedB ABdF|A4 A2 (dc)| BBfB ccac|ddba gfed|cBAB dBAF|TE4 D2:| |:fg|{a}f4{a}f4|(af)(af) (af)(af)|defg afd'f|a4 a2 (bc')| {d'}b4 {d'}b4|(d'b)(d'b) (d'b)(d'b)|.a(fed) edef|b4 Tb3a| (bd')(eg) (ac')(fa)|(gb)(eg) (fg)(df)|gfed BcdF|A3A2 dc| .B2.B2.d2.d2|.e2.e2Tf3e|{d}B4d3F|TE4 D2||

X:4 T:Killiecrankie [1] with Variations M: C L:1/8 R:Reel B:William Mackie manuscript collection (Aberdeen, early 19th century, B:after 1814, p. 33) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D V:1 clef=treble name="4." [V:1] F>G|A3B A2 F>G|A3B A2 FG|AGFE DEFG|A3B A2 dc| B3d B2^A2|BABd {c}B2 AB|d3e fefd|B6 fa| b2 af a2 fe|gfed fedc|edcB BAdF|FA2 B A2 dc| BABc dcde|fefa gfed|BABc d2F2|E4D2:| |:fg|a3b a2 fg|a3b a2 fg|agfe defg|afad' a2 d'c'| b3c' b2 ^a2|b3c' d'2b2|afef defa|b3c' d'2e2| b2 gb a2 fa|g2 eg f2 df|fedB BAdF|A3B A2 dc| BABc dcde|fefa gfed|BABc d2F2|E4 D2:| |:FG|A3B AFdF|AFdF AGFE|DEFG AFdF|A3B A2 dc| Bdcd BdAd|Bdcd BdAc|dfeg fefd|B6 fa| B2 gb a2 fa|g2 eg f2 df|fedB BAdF|A3B A2 dc| BABc dcde|fefa gfed|BABc d2F2|E4 D2:| |:fg|af (g/f/e/f/) af (g/f/e/f/)|afbg af (g/f/e/f/)|agfe defg|afdf a2 bc'| d'b (c'/b/^a/b/) d'b (c'/b/a/b/)|d'be'c' d'b (c'/b/^a/b/)|afef defa|~b3c' d'2z2| bagb agfa|gfeg fedf|fedB BAdF|A3B A2 dc| BABc dcde|fefa gfed|BABc dcdF|E4 {DE}D2:|]

X:5 T:The Original Sett of Killecrankie M:C L:1/8 S:Gow - 1st Repository (1799) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:C V:1 clef=treble name="5." [V:1] E/F/|G>A{A}GE (G/E/)G/A/ G>E|(G/F/)(E/D/) (C/D/)E/F/ G2 GE/G/|~AcAG/A/ cAA G/A/2B/2| c>e {cd}ed/c/ A2 Ae/g/|ag/e/ ge/d/ ed/c/ de|c>A (G/A/)c/E/ {E}G2 Gc/B/|AG/A/ cA/c/ (dd) {d}e>d| {B}c>A (G/A/)c/E/ D2C:||:e/f/|g>age (g/e/)g/a/ {a}g>e|(g/f/)e/d/ (c/B/)e/f/ g2 (ge/g/)| a>c' ag (a/g/)a/c'/ {b}ag|ag/e/ de/g/ a2 ae/g/|(a/g/)e/a/ (g/e/)d/g/ (f/e/)(d/c/) de| ~c>A (G/A/)c/E/ {E}G2 Gc/B/|AG/A/ cA/c/ (dd) {d}e>d|{B}c>A (G/A/)c/E/ D2C:|]

X:6 T:Killiecranke [1] - with Variations N:Variations by W.B. Laybourn, editor of Köhler’s M:C| L:1/8 B:Köhler's Violin Repository, Book 2, 1881-1885; p. 161 Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D V:1 clef=treble name="6." [V:1] (F/G/)|(A>B) AF/G/(A>B) AF/G/|A/G/F/E/ D/E/F/G/ (A>B) Ad/c/|B>dBB, B/A/B/d/ c/B/A/B/| d/f/e/g/ {g}f/e/f/d/ B3 (f/a/)|ba/f/ af/e/ (g/f/)e/d/ (f/e/)d/c/|e/d/c/B/ A/F/d/F/ (A>B) Ad/c/| B/A/B/c/ d/c/d/e/ f/e/f/a/ g/f/e/d/|B/A/B/c/ d/B/A/F T(E2{DE}D)::(fg)|(a>b) af/g/ (a>b) af/g/| a/g/f/e/ d/e/f/g/ (a>b) ad'c'|(b>d')ba (b>c') b(d'/b/)|a/f/e/f/ d/e/f/a/ (b>c') d'2| bg/b/ af/a/ ge/g/ fd/f/|f/e/d/B/ B/A/d/F/ (A>B) Ad/c/|B/A/B/c/ d/c/d/e/ f/e/f/a/ g/f/e/d/| B/A/B/c/ d/B/A/F/ T(E2{DE}D::(F/G/)|(A>B) (A/F/)d/F/ A/F/d/F/ A/G/F/E/|D/E/F/G/ A/F/d/F/ (A>B)Ad/c/| (B/d/)c/d/ (B/d/)A/d/ (B/d/)c/d/ (B/d/)A/c/|d/f/e/g/ f/e/d/c/ B3 (f/a/)|ba/f/ af/e/ (g/f/)e/d/ (f/e/)d/c/| e/d/c/B/ A/F/d/F/ (A>B) Ad/c/|B/A/B/c/ d/c/d/e/ f/e/f/a/ g/f/e/d/|B/A/B/c/ dF T(E2{DE}D)::(f/g/)| a/f/ g/4(f/4e/4f/4) a/f/ g/4(f/4e/4f/4) (c'/a/)d'/b/ a/f/ g/4(f/4e/4f/4)|a/g/f/e/ d/e/f/g/ a/f/a/d'/ a(b/c'/)| d'/b/ (d'/4b/4^a/4b/4) d'/b/ (c'/4b/4^a/4b/4) d'/b/ (c'/4b/4^a/4b/4) (d'b) (c'/4b/4^a/4b/4)| =a/f/e/f/ d/e/f/a/ (b>c') d'2|b/a/g/b/ a/g/f/a/ g/f/e/g/ f/e/d/f/| f/e/d/c/ B/A/G/F/ (A>B) Ad/c/|B/A/B/c/ d/c/d/e/ f/e/f/a/ g/f/e/d/|B/A/B/c/ d/B/A/F/ T(E2{DE}D)!fine!:||

X:7 T:Killiecrankie M:2/2 L:1/8 S:Sharp - Country Dance Tunes (1909) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:C V:1 clef=treble name="7." [V:1] C2|G3A G2E2|G3A G2E2|D2C2 CDEF|G4 G2G2|A3c A2G2|A2 cB A2G2| c3d e2c2|A4 A2 cd|e2g2d2e2|c3d e2c2|G3A c2E2|G4 G2G2|A3A c2c2| d3d e3d|dcBA GAcE|D4 C2C2|G3A G2E2|G3A G2E2|D2C2 CDEF| G4 G2G2|A3c A2G2|A2cB A2G2|c3d e2c2|A4 A2 cd|e2g2d2e2|c3d e2c2| G3A c2E2|G4 G2G2|A3A c2c2|d3d e3d|dcBA GAcE|D4 C2||