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 Theme code Index    5H3H53H 4H73H1H
 Also known as    Gigue des vieux souliers, Quadrille de Matane Figure 2, Reel St-Siméon, Ronfluese Gobeille (La), Snoring Mrs. Gobeil, Snoring Gobeil
 Composer/Core Source    Willy Ringuette
 Region    Canada
 Genre/Style    Québécois/Acadian
 Meter/Rhythm    Reel (single/double)
 Key/Tonic of    D
 Accidental    2 sharps
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    2/2
 History    CANADA(Québec)
 Structure    ABBC, AABCC
 Editor/Compiler    Biography:Donna Hébert (Hines)
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:The Grumbling Old Woman
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 17
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1981
 Artist    Biography:Willie Ringuette
 Title of recording    Ronfluese Gobeil
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    Columbia 34109-F (78 RPM)
 Year recorded    1927
 Score   (1)   

X:2 T:Salut des dames M: 2/4 L: 1/16 C: Jean-Baptiste April (Notre-Dame-du-Portage) D:Fonds Barbeau MCH (1918) P: ABAB'A N:A quadrille part, precursor to "Ronfleuse Gobeil" Z:Jean Duval K: D "A"Ac|!segno!d2ff fedc | B2g2 gfed | c2a2 {ab}a2ga |[M:3/4]bagf edcB A2FA |! [M:2/4]d2fa fedc |B2ga gfed | c2a2 a2c2 | e2[F2d2] [F2d2]Ac |! d2fg fedc | B2ga gfed | c2a2 a2ga |[M:3/4]bagf edcB A2Ac|! [M:2/4] d2fa fedc |B2ga gfed | c2a2 a2c2 | e2dd d2a2||! "B"a2fd A2df |a2ab a3f | gfed cdef | gffe f2df | ! |:a2fd A2df |a2ab a4 | gfef gecA |1e2dc d2df:||2 e2dc !D.S.!d2Ac||! "B'"f2d2 f2a2 | a6ef | g2e2 c2ef | g6fg | a2f2 d2f2 | a6ef | g2e2 c2e2 | d3c d4||!

X:1 T:La ronfleuse Gobeil M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel C: Wellie Ringuette / 1927 N:"The title he gave - La ronfleuse Gobeil (Gobeil's ronfleuse) - refers probably to the famous N:19th century fiddler - Ti-Gars Gobeil - from the same village as his parents were from, N:St-Léon-le-Grand, near Trois-Rivières" [Duval]. Z:Jean Duval K:D P: ABC ABDE ABCDE "A"(a2f)d Adfa|gece fddf|aafd (Ad)fa|(ge)c2 d3f|! a2fd Adfa|gece fddf|aafd Adfa|(ge)c2 d4|! |:"B"A2f2 {fg}fef2|B2g2g4|A2c2 c2Ac|dcdf faaA|! A2f2 {fg}fef2|B2f2g4|A2c2 AcAc|1e2f2 [d2f2]f2:||2e2f2d2A2||! |:"C"fgab afde|fdad fddf|efga beef|gebe ((3gag)eg|! fgab afde|fdad fddf|eB{c}BA BcdB|1AFEF D3g:|2AFEF D4||! "A"a2fd Adfa|gece fddf|aafd Adfa|gec2 d3f|! a2fd Adfa|gece fddf|aafd Adfa|gec2 d4|! |:"B"A2f2 {fg}fef2|B2g2g4|A2c2 c2Ac|dcdf {g}a2aA|! A2f2 {fg}fef2|B2f2g4|A2c2 AcAc|1e2f2 f4:|2e2f2d2A2||! |:"D"aafd AAdf|aba^g a2af|((3gag)ec Acef|g2f2g3f|! a2fd A2df|aba^g a2af|((3gag)ec Acef|1g((3fgf)e d3f:|2g((3fgf)e d4||! |:"E"A2{e}f2 {fg}fedc|B2g2 gfed|caaa gfge|dcdf faaa|! Affg fedc|{d}Bg(3ggg {ga}gfed|ca(3aaa {a}gece|1dfec d2fd:|2d"dc al A"fec d3f||"fine"d2fa d'4||

X:1 T:Ronfleuse Gobeil M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel K:D a2fd Adfa|gece fddf|a2fd Adfa|gece d4:| ||A2f2 fef2|B2g2gfg2|A2c2 efec|dcde (3fga fd| A2f2 fef2|B2g2gfg2|A3c efec|d2e2f4|| |:faab afde|fdad bdfd|efga bgef|gebe geeg| fgaf bfaf|defd efde|fBBA BcdB|AFEF D4:|

X:1 T:Ronfleuse Gobeil N:From the playing of fiddler Aimé Gagnon (1921-1997, Saint-Louis de N:Lotbinière). M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Fast" R:Reel D:GAGCD-26421, "Aimé Gagnon Violoneux d'Origine" (1997) Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:D fg|a2Ad Adf-a|gece ffdf|aafd Adfa|gfec d3f| aafd Adfa|gece ffdf|aafd Adfa|gfec [d3f3]B|| |:A2[A2f2][A3f3]A|B2[B2g2][B3g3]g| ecec egec|1,3dede fga2:|2 dfaf [d3f3]B:|4dfaf d2|| de|:fgab afde|fdad fdad|efga baef|gebe g3g| f-gab afde|fdad fdad|B3A BcdB|AFEF D2z3:|

X:2 T:Ronfleuse Gobeille, La M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel S:Fiddler Pascal Gemme (of the group Genticorum) K:D f||af/d/ A/d/f/a/|g/e/c/e/ f/d/d/f/|af/d/ A/d/f/a/|g/e/c/A/ df| af/d/ A/d/f/a/|g/e/c/e/ f/d/d/f/|af/d/ A/d/f/a/|g/e/c/A/ d2|| |:Af f/e/[Af]|Bg g/f/[Bg]|Ac [Ec]A/c/|d/c/d/e/ f/a/f/d/| Af f/e/[Af]|Bg g/f/[Bg]|Ac [Ec]A|de [A2f2]:| |:f/g/a/b/ a/f/d/e/|f/d/a/d/ ff/f/|e/f/g/a/ b/g/e/f/|g/e/b/e/ g/e/g/g/| f/g/a/b/ a/f/d/e/|f/d/a/d/ ff/f/|e/B/B/A/ B/c/d/B/|1 A/F/E/F/ D2:|2 A/F/E/F/ Df||

X:1 T:Snoring Mrs. Gobeil M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D f/ | af/d/ A/d/f/a/ | g/e/c/e/ f/d/d/f/ | af/d/ A/d/f/a/ | g/e/c/A/ d>f | af/d/ A/d/f/a/ | g/e/c/e/ f/d/d/f/ | af/d/ A/d/f/a/ | g/e/c/e/ d> || B | Af {g}f/e/f/d/ | Bg {a}g/f/g | Ac e/c/e/c/ | d/c/d/e/ f/a/f/d/ | Af {g}f/e/f/d/ | Bg {a}g/f/g | Ac e/c/e/c/ | e/d/d/c/ d> |: d | f/a/a/b/ a/f/d/e/ | f/d/a/d/ f/d/d/f/ | e/f/g/a/ b/g/e/f/ | (3g/f/e/b/e/ g/e/e/g/ | f/a/{b}a/f/ {b}a/f/d/e/ | f/d/a/d/ f/a/f/d/ | B/c/B/A/ B/c/d/e/ | f/d/e/c/ (dd/) :|