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 Theme code Index    1125L 3b247bL
 Also known as    Dr. William Grant, Gin Ye Kiss My Wife I'll Tell the Minister, Seann Triubhas, Shaun Truish Willighan, Shaun Truish Willichan, Shaun Truish, Seán Triubhas, Willie's auld Trews
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    Scotland
 Genre/Style    Scottish, Shetland/Orkney
 Meter/Rhythm    Hornpipe/Clog, Reel (single/double), Strathspey
 Key/Tonic of    D
 Accidental    1 flat
 Mode    Aeolian (minor)
 Time signature    4/4, 2/2
 Structure    AAB, AABB'CCD
 Editor/Compiler    Robert Bremner
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:A Second Collection of Scots Reels or Country Dances
 Tune and/or Page number    
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1768
 Artist    J. Scott Skinner
 Title of recording    Sean trews/Whistle o’er the lave o’t/Wha widna fecht for Charlie?
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    Regal G6625 (78 RPM)
 Year recorded    1910
 Score   (1)   

X:1 T:Shaun Truish Willichan M:C L:1/8 R:Reel B:Robert Bremner – Collection of Scots Reels or Country Dances (1757) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Ddor A,|D/D/D D>F E2 A,>F|F2 (ED) G/F/E/D/ CE|D/D/D D>F E2 A>E|F2 TED CA,A,:| |:G|A>cAF G>AGE|F>GFD G/F/E/D/ CG|A>cAF G>AGE|FD G/F/E/D/ CA,A,:| |:A|d/d/d d>f Te2 A>e|{de}f2 ed g/f/e/d/ ce|d/d/d d>f Te2 ce|fd g/f/e/d/ Tc>AA:| |:g|aa _b/a/g/f/ gg a/g/f/e/|ff g/f/e/d/ eccg|aa _b/a/g/f/ gg a/g/f/e/|fd g/f/e/d/ TcAA:|]

X: 1 T:Shamtrues. JBa.87 T:Gin ye kiss my wife,I'll tell the Minister,aka. JBa.87 T:Sean Triubhas,aka. JBa.87 M:4/4 L:1/4 Q:1/2=80 S:Joseph Barnes MS,Carlisle,1762. R:.Misc O:England A:Carlisle N:Also aka Devil stick the minister,aka shaun truish willichan.1 - No bar N:line 2 - Not marked as triplet 3 - is it a mistake, a chordor an N:alternative 4 - Starred notes shown as crochets and no bar line.5 - N:Shown as crochets..CGr. H:See 'The Caledonian Companion' - two part version. 'This was originally H:a tune for the Sean Triubhas, an ancient highland dance . . .' This H:version transposed to same notes as MS would be in F major - or a mode H:having that key signature. Is 'Shambuco' a phonetic mishearing of 'Sean H:Triubhas'?CGr. Z:vmp.C.Graebe. K:F major %"_No key/time sig,see note" A,D/-D/ (F/E/) C |F (E/D/) G/E/ C/E/ | A, D/D/ (F/E/) C "1" |F"2" (3(F/E/D/) C A,/A,/ :| |:A/c/ A/F/ G/B/ G/E/ |A/c/ A/F/ G"3" (E/E/) |A/c/ A/F/ G/B/ G/E/|F (E/D/) C A,/A,/ ||! A d-d f/ e A | f (e/d/) g/e/ c/e/ |"4"A "*"d/-"*"d/ f e/c/ | f ("*"e/"*"d/) c "*"A/"*"A/ ||! f "5"(g/4f/4e/4d/4) e "5"(a/4g/4f/4e/4) |a "5"(b/4a/4g/4f/4) g ("*"e/"*"e/) |\ a ("5"b/4a/4"*"g/4"*"f/4) g ("5"a/4g/4f/4e/4) |\ f (e/d/) A A/-A/ |]

X:1 T:Shaun Truish Willichan M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Preston's Reprint of Bremner's Collections, London 1789 Z:Paul Kinder K:C A,|D/2D/2D D>F TE2 A,>F|F2 T ED G/2F/2E/2D/2 CE|D/2D/2D D>F E2 A,E|T F2 ED C>A,A,:| |:G|A>cAG G>AGF|F>GFD G/2F/2E/2D/2 CG|A>cAF G>AGE|FD G/2F/2E/2D/2 CA,A,:| |:A|d/2d/2d d>f Te2 c>e|f2 Ted g/2f/2e/2d/2 ce|d/2d/2d d>f e2 Ae|fd g/2f/2e/2d/2 c>AA:| |:g|aa _b/2a/2g/2f/2 gg a/2g/2f/2e/2|ff g/2f/2e/2d/2 eccg|aa _b/2a/2g/2f/2 gg a/2g/2f/2e/2|fe g/2f/2e/2d/2 cAA:||

X:1 T:Sean Trews [1],aka. RH.273 T:This Is Not My Own Plaidie,aka. RH.273 R:air B:Rev.R.Harrison's MS,c1815,Cumbria N:Originally transcribed with R:Reel. PJH. O:England A:Temple Sowerby,Cumbri Z:vmp.Simon Wilson. Review PJH, 2008. M:C L:1/8 Q:1/4=90 F: K:Ador E|A/A/A AA B2GB|c2BA (d/c/B/A/) GB|\ A/A/A AA B2GB|c2B>A GE E:| |:f|eaec dgdB|cc (d/c/B/A/) BGGB|\ eaec dgdB|c2BA GE E:|

X:2 T:Shon Truish Willichan (Old Scotch) T:Sean Trews [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Allegro" B:Thomas Wilson - A Companion to the Ball Room (1816, p. 59) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Ddor C|D/D/D D>F E2 A,>E|F2 ED G/F/E/D/ CE|D/D/D D>F E2 A,>E|F2 ED CA,A,:| |:G|A>cAF G>AGE|F>GFD G/F/E/D/ CG|A>cAF G>AGE|FD G/F/E/D/ CA,A,:| |:A|d/d/d d>f e2 Ae|f2 ed g/f/e/d/ ce|d/d/d d>f e2 Ae|fd g/f/e/d/ cAA:| |:g|aa _b/a/g/f/ gg a/g/f/e/|ff g/f/e/d/ eccg|aa _b/a/g/f/ gg a/g/f/e/|fd g/f/e/d/ cAA:|]

X:1 T:Willie’s auld Trews T:Seann triubhais Uilleachain M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel S:Fraser Collection (1816) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Dmin D|A,DDF E2 A,E|F2 ED ECCE | A,DDF E2 A,E | F2 E>D CA,A,B, | A,DDF E2 A,E |F2 ED ECCE| A,DDF E2 A,A | GFED CA,A, :| c | AcAF GcGE | F2 E>D ECCc| AcAF GcGE|F2 ED CA,A,| AcAF GcGE | F2 E>D ECCc|Ac=Bc GcEc | DFED CA, A,2 || |: Addf e2 Aa | gfed ecce | Addf e2 Aa | (gf)ed cAA :| |: c|AFcF GEcE | FDGF ECCc | AFcF GEcE | F2 ED CA,A,c|AFcF GEcE| FDGF ECCc | Ac=Bc GcEe | DFED CA, A,:|

X:2 T:Shaun Truish Willichan M:C L:1/8 S:William Sydney Mount manuscripts c. 1849 N:Mount’s version is almost note-for-note the version printed in Wilson’s Companion to N:the Ballroom (1817). An early setting of the tune appears in Bremner’s Second N:Collection of Scots Reels and Country Dances (1768). N:The last part is a variant of the 4th part, an octave lower, and probably a substitution for N:it. Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Ddor A, | D/D/D D>F TE2 A,>F | F2 (ETD) (G/F/E/D/) CE | D/D/D D>F E2 A,>E | F2 E”tr”D CA,A, :: G | A>cAF G>AGE | F>GFD (G/F/E/D/) CG | A>cAF G>AGE | FD (G/F/E/D/) CA,A, :: A | d/d/d d>f Te2 A>e | {d/e/}f2 Ted (g/f/e/d/) ce | d/d/d d>f e2 Ae | fd (g/f/e/d/) Tc>AA :| |: g | aa (_b/a/g/f/) gg (a/g/f/e/) | ff (g/f/e/d/) eccg | aa (_b/a/g/f/) ff (a/g/f/e/) | fd (g/f/e/d/) TcAA :: A | AA (_B/A/G/F/) GG (A/G/F/E/)|FF (G/F/E/D/) ECCG| AA (B/A/G/F/) GG (A/G/F/E/)|FD G/F/E/D/ CA,A, :|