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X:1 T:Jimmy Allen T:Jamie Allen L:1/8 M:C K:G |:GA|B2G2G2A2|B4 G2AB|c2A2A2B2|c4 B2A2| G2g2g2e2|d4 B3c|d2d2 cBA2|G4 g2:| |:BA|G2g2g3f|e2d2c2B2|A2a2a3g|f2d2e2f2| g3ag2e2|d4B3c|d2d2 cBA2|G4 G2:||

JIMMY ALLEN. AKA and see "Jamie Allen," "Reel of Tullochgorum (1)." English, Scottish, American, Polka or March. England, Northumberland. USA, New England. G Major. Standard tuning (fiddle). AABB. Northumbrian musician Jamie Allen (1734-1810) was a famous small pipes player whose name is associated with this tune. Allen's father Will (1704-1779) was perhaps a pipemaker and was River Warden of the Coquet. His wife, Jimmy's mother, was a gypsy, and the elder Allen associated much with her folk. Son Jimmy (or Jamie) was the subject of two biographies, largely fanciful, and it is hard to determine the facts of his life. It is said he was at various times piper to the Duchess of Northumberland, enlisted in the army, and a fugitive from justice. At any rate, he was highly regarded by his contemporaries as a musician and is thought to have played the Northumbrian smallpipes, Border pipes, and Union (uilleann) pipes. English/Scottish versions are found under the "Jamie" title, American appear often as "Jimmy." The melody is popular in English sessions in modern times, although considered to be somewhat of a 'beginner's tune'. See note for "annotation:Jamie Allen" for more. The tune is known as "Reel of Tullochgorum (1)" in Scotland.

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