Flannery's Dream

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 Theme code Index    5L4L1L1L 5L4L1L1L
 Also known as    Flander's Dream, Flandery's Dream, Son of Hober
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    United States
 Genre/Style    Bluegrass, Old-Time
 Meter/Rhythm    Reel (single/double)
 Key/Tonic of    A
 Accidental    NONE
 Mode    Aeolian (minor)
 Time signature    2/4
 History    USA(Upland South)
 Structure    AABBC
 Editor/Compiler    Stephen F. Davis
 Book/Manuscript title    Devil's Box vol. 29 No. 1
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 15
 Year of publication/Date of MS    Spring 1995
 Artist    Keith Whitley & Ricky Scaggs
 Title of recording    Second Generation Bluegrass
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    Rebel 1504
 Year recorded    1971
 Score   (1)   

X:1 T:Flannery's Dream N:From the playing of Spaw's Creek, near West Liberty Morgan County, east N:Kentucky fiddler and banjo player Santford Kelly (1898-1973), N:recorded in the field by John Harrod. M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Quick" R:Reel D:https://soundarchives.berea.edu/items/show/3817 Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Ador +slide+[A2A2][A2A2]||SAGED CEDC|A,G,A,C A,2[A,E][A,E]|([EA]G)E-D CEDC|A,G,[A,E][A,E] [A,2E2][A,E][A,E]| ([EA]G)E-D CEDC|A,G,[A,E]-[CE] [A,2E2][A,E][A,E]|([EA]G)E-D CEDG|E+slide+[A2A2][AA] [A2A2][AA]A| AGED CEDC|A,G,A,C [A,3E3][A,E] [A,2E2]||[A2A2]-|[AA]A[A=c]-[A^c][A2A2][A2^c2]|[M:5/4]A([A2^c2]d) [d2e2]-[e4e4]| +slide+[e4e4] +slide+[e4e4] ([de][^ce]) A2 GB|[M:3/2]A-^c2-d[e2e2]([ee]d) =c-AG-A|[M:C|] [A2A2][AA][AA] [A2A2][GA]-| [A3A3][A=c]-[A2d2]+slide+[e2e2]-|[M:5/4][ee]d e2 a3a- ab |[M:C|]a2g2e2d2|=cAGc A2 ABS||

X:1 T:Flannery's Dream N:From the playing of West Virginia fiddler Gerry Milnes, from a 1987 concert N:performance at the Berea College Celebration of Traditional Music. Milnes' N:version mirrors Santford Kelly's version of the tune. M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Quick" R:Reel D:https://soundarchives.berea.edu/items/show/2712 Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Ador +slide+[A2A2]-|[AA]BAG EGED|A,G,A,C- A,2A,A,|ABAG EGED|A,G,A,C A,2A,A,| ABAG EGED|EG-[AA][AA] [A2A2]AB|AGEG E-DCA,|[G,D]-[A,2E2][A,E] [A,2E2]:| K:Amix [A,E][A,E]|[Ae]-[c2e2][ce]- [A2e2][c2e2]|[Ae]-[c2e2] +slide+[e2e2][ee][ee]|[^de]-[ee][ee][^de]- [ee][ee]=d=c|A2 GG A-^c-cc| +slide+[e2e2]([ee]d) =cAGG|A=cAG A2AA|[Ae]-[^c2e2]d e2[A2^g2]-|[A4a4]- [Aa]b a2| [M:3/4]+slide+=g2 e2 d2 |[M:2/4]BAGG|[M:C|]A=cAG A2||

X:1 T:Flannery's Dream N:From the playing of fiddler Glen Fannin (1901-1978), who was born and lived in N:Magoffin County, east Kentucky, until he moved to North Fairfield, Ohio, later N:in life. He was recorded there in 1977 by Bruce Greene M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Quick" N:Fannin played in standard tuning, tuning one step low (DGcf) R:Reel D:https://soundarchives.berea.edu/items/show/1225 Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Ador A,2+slide+C2 A,G, A,2|[M:3/4][A,3E3]B, CD|[M:C|]E2E2 GEDG| E-DCE DCA,G,|A,4[A,4E4]| A,-B, C2 A,-G,A,2|[M:3/4] [A,3E3]B, CD |[M:C|]E2E2 GEDG|E-DCE DCA,G,|[M:3/2]G,-A,3 [A,8E8]|| [M:C|][AA]Bc(d [e3e3])[ee]-|[e2e2]ef ged2|ed c2 Ac2d c-A G2| [M:3/2]+slide+[A4A4][A6A6]+slide+[A2A2]-| [M:C|][AA]Bc(d [e3e3])[ee]-|[e2e2]ef ged2|ed c2 Ac2d c-A G2| [M:3/2]+slide+[A4A4][A6A6]+slide+[A2A2]-| [M:3/4][AA]A [A2A2]cA|[M:C|]AGE-D CA, A,2|[M:5/4](G,A,)-A,8||

X:1 T:Flannery's Dream N:From the playing of fiddler Warner Walton of Fleming/Bath County, northeast Kentucky. N:Walton denied being able to play the fiddle when John Harrod came inquiring, N:hoping to get permission to do field recordings. A few years later, however, another N:local fiddler, Alfred Bailey, with whom Harrod had formed a relationship, gave the N:collector three reels of tape, saying that Warner had asked they be passed along N:to Harrod M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Quick" R:Reel D:https://soundarchives.berea.edu/items/show/3835 Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Ador Ac|AGED CEDC|A,G,[A,E][CE] [A,2E2][A,E][A,E]|[A,E][A,F]([A,E]D) C([A,E]D)C| [G,D]-[A,2E2][A,E] [A,E][A,E][A,E][A,E]| [A,E][A,F]([A,E]D) C([A,E]D)C| A,G,A,C A,2[A,E][A,E]|[A,E][A,F]([A,E]D) C([A,E]D)C| E+slide+[A2A2][AA] [A2A2]Ac| AGED CEDC|A,G, [A,E][CE] [A,2E2]||:[A2A2]-|[AA]B^cd +slide+[e2e2]AA|{B}^c2d2 [^de]-[e2e2] [^de]-| [e2e2] [^de]-[ee]-[e2e2]+slide+d-^c|G2 AA ^c2d2|ed^c-A G2G-[AA]-|[A3A3] A [A2A2] [A2A2]-| [M:3/2][AA]^c-d2 +slide+[e3e3]e e2 e-a-|[M:C|]aaa2 a2ab|a2g2e2d2|^c-AGA A2Ac| AGED CEDC| E+slide+[A2A2][AA] AAA^c|AGED CEDC|A,G, [A,E][CE] [A,2E2]:||

X:1 T:Flannery's Dream M:C| L:1/8 N:Transcribed by John Hartford, based on the playing of fiddler Warner Walton, N:from a tape given to him by Gus Meade. Hartford remarks, "It was real popular in N:the Big Sandy River Valley." The Big Sandy is a tributary of the Ohio River and forms N:part of the boundary between West Virginia and northeastern Kentucky along its entire course. B:Stephen F. Davis - Devil's Box, vol. 29, No. 1, Spring 1995 (p. 15) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A Ac|A=GED CEDC|A,G,B,C A,2ED|EFED CEDC|=GA,2G, A,2ED| EFED CEDC|A,=G,A,C A,2ED|EFED CEDC|EA2A A2Ac| A=GED CEDC|A,G,A,C A,2E2||ABcd eA2A|cd +slide+e4 +slide+ed/c/| AG AG AAc2|+slide+[e3e3]d cA=G2|A3A AG3|[2/4]ABc2|[M:C|][e3e3][ee] e2e2| aa2a aa/b/|a2g2 e2d2|cAGE A2 Ac|AGED CEDC|EA2A A2 Ac| AGED CEDC|A,=G,A,C A,2E2:||EFED CEDC|=G,A,2G, A,2 ED|EFED CEDC| A,=G,A,C A,2DD|EFED CB,CD|EA A2 A2Ac|AGED CEDC|=G,A,2G, A,2||

X:1 T:Flannery's Dream N:From the playing of fiddler Emma Lee Dickerson (1923-2001, born Emma Lee N:Johnson on Little Fork in Elliot County, Ky.) N:recorded in the field by Barbara Kunkle, Feb., 1974, in Greenup County, Ky. M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel Q:"Very Fast" N:Parts are repeated or not, at will. D:Field Recorders Collective FRC731, Emma Lee Dickerson - "Along the Ohio's Shores" (2003) D:https://www.slippery-hill.com/content/flannerys-dream-0 Z:Andrew Kuntz K:Ador AB |A2G2 EDCC|D-EEG E2EE|AAEC DDCC|A,2 A,B, A,2A,A,| D-EEG ECCC|{D}E2 EGE2EE|AAEC DDCC|A, A,B, A, A,C| D-EEG ECCC|{D}E2 EGE2EG|AAGG EDCC|[M:3/2]A,2 A,B, A,2A,A, [D2A2] [c2e2]|| [M:C|]]J[e3e3][de]- [e2e2][de][ce]|A2G2 A2c2|[e3e3]d c-AGG|[M:3/2][GA]-[AA]-[AA][AA] [A2A2]AA A2 [c2e2]| [M:C|]]J[e3e3][de]- [e2e2][de][ce]|A2a6|a3b a2g2|[e2e2][d2e2][c2e2][c2e2]| J[e3e3][de]- [e2e2][e2e2]-|[e2e2]dc AAGD|(E[AA])-[AA]A [A2A2]||

X:1 T:Flannery's Dream N:From the playing of fiddler Roger Cooper (Lewis County, Ky.), N:recorded by John Harrod, April, 1981. M:C| L:1/8 Q:"Quick" R:Reel D:https://soundarchives.berea.edu/items/show/3500 Z:Transcribed by Andrew Kuntz K:Ador [G,D]-|[A,E]GE-D C2 DC|A,-C[A,E]G A2+slide+c2|AGE-D C2 DC|A,G,A,C A,2A,G,| A,CA,G, [C2E2]DC|A,-C[A,E]G A2+slide+c2|AGE-D C2 DC|1A,G,A,C A,2[A,E]:|2A,G,A,C A,2|| [EA]G|A2Ac AGEG|A-c3 +slide+[e2e2][ee]-[de]|[e2e2][e2e2][e2e2][e2e2]|[ee][de][ce][de] [e2e2][e2e2]| edcA GcAc|+slide+[e2e2][e2e2][ee]dc-A|+slide+c-A +slide+c2 AGE-D|C2 DC A,CEG| A2+slide+c2 AGED|[C2E2]DC A,G,A,C|A,2[A,E]-[G,D] [A,E]GED|[A,E]CA,G, [D2E2]ED| A,-C[A,E]G A2+slide+c2|AGE-D C2 DC|A,G,A,C A,2||

X:1 T:Flannery's Dream M:2/4 L:1/8 S:John Hartford Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Amin E/D/ | E/A/G/E/ D/E/D/C/ | A,/G,/A,/G,/ A,E/D/ | E/A/G/E/ D/E/D/C/ | A,/G,/(A, A,)E/D/ | E/A/G/E/ D/E/D/C/ | E/D/A,/G,/ A,E/D/ | E/A/G/E/ D/E/D/C/ | A,3 :| |: A/A/ | A/B/^c/d/ eA/B/ | ^c/A/d e2 | ed/B/ AA/A/ | A/B/^c e>d | ^c/B/A/B/ (A2 |\ M:1/4 L:1/8 A2) | L:1/8 M:2/4 A/B/^c/d/ e>e | g/a/a aa/b/ | ag e/d/c/A/ | c/A/G AA/c/ | A/G/E/D/ C/D/E/D/ | E/G/A AA/c/ | A/G/E/D/ C/E/D/C/ | (A,2 A,) :| E/D/ | E/A/G/E/ D/E/D/C/ | A,/G,/(A, A,)E/D/ | E/A/G/E/ D/D/E/G/ | E/C/(A, A,)E/D/ | E/D/E G2 | A/G/E/C/ A,E/D/ | E/A/G/E/ D/G/E/C/ | (A,2 A,)E/D/ | E/G/A/G/ D/E/G/E/ | D/C/(A, A,)E/D/ | E/G/A/G/ D/E/G/D/ | (A,2 A,) ||