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 Theme code Index    1131 2462
 Also known as    Green Grow the Rushes O, Green Grow the Rashes, East Neuk of Fife, Foot's Vagaries, Grant's Rant (1) (The), Highland Sword Dance, Irish Whiskey (1), John Black's Daughter, Lucky Black's Daughter, Over the Hills and Far Away (3), Paddy Caught a Rat, Paddy Got a Rat, Paddy Killed a Rat, Paddy Killed the Rat, Paddy Run a Rat, Paddy Run the Rat, We're a' Dry wi' Drinking o't
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    Scotland, Ireland, Canada, United States
 Genre/Style    Contra, English, Irish, Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Air/Lament/Listening Piece, Barn Dance, Fling, Highland, Hornpipe/Clog, March/Marche, Polka, Reel (6/4 time), Slide, Strathspey
 Key/Tonic of    G
 Accidental    1 sharp
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    4/4, 2/2
 Structure    AB. AAB. AABB, AABB', AA'BB'
 Editor/Compiler    William McGibbon
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:Scots Tunes Book 2
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 41
 Year of publication/Date of MS    c. 1746
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
Green Grow the Rushes O

Played by: Co-Cheòl
Source: Soundcloud
Image: The name Co-cheòl means harmony in Scots-Gaelic
 Score   (1)   
Green Grow The Rushes O

X:6 T:Green growes the Rashes [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Slow" S:McGibbon - Scots Tunes, book II, p. 41 (c. 1746) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D d2 | TB3A (A>B)(d>e) | (d/e/f) T(e>d) d3f | e3f (gf)(ga) | b2(e>f)e3f | (gf)(ga) (g/a/b) T(a>g) | Tf>e (d/e/f/)g/ {f/g/}a2 T(gf) | e2b2 (af)(e>f) | d2(B>d)B2 :| |: d2 | T(B>A)(B>d)B2a2 | T(f>ef)a f2 T(e>d) | (e>d)(e>f)e2d'2 |T(b>ab)d' b2 (a/b/d') | T(B>AB)dB2 a>g | Tf>e (d/e/f/g/a) {f/g/}a2 T(gf) | e2b2 (af)(e>f) | d2(B>d)B2 :| |: d2 | T(B>AB)d (AB)(de) | (f/a/g/f/) (e/g/f/e/) d>e (f/e/f/)d/ | e2E>F (GF)(GA) | (BA)(GF) E2 (e>f| g)G (g/f/g/)a/ (g/a/b) Ta>g | Tf>e (d/e/f/g/) (f/g/a) Tg>f | e2b2(af)(e>f)| d2 (B>d) B2 :| |: d2 |T(B>AB)d B2a2 | T(f>ef)a fa (g/f/)(e/d/) | (e>d)(ef) e/(a/b/c'/) d'(c'/4b/4a/) | (b/a)(b/d') Tb2(a/b/d') | T(BAB)d B2 (a>g) | Tf>e (d/e/f/g/) (f/g/)a T(g>f) | e2b2 (af)(e>f) | d2 (B>d) B2 :||

X:1 T:Green grows the Rasses [sic] [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Slow" B:James Oswald – Caledonian Pocket Companion, vol. 1 (1760, p. 18) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G d|TB3A ABde|(d/e/f) T(e>d) d3f|e3f (gf)(ga)|{ga}b2 (e>f) e2 Tf>(e/2f/4)| gfga {ga}b2 Ta>g|T(f>e) (d/e/)(f/g/) {fg}a2 T(g>f)|e2b2 (af)(ef)|{e}d2 (Bc) B3:| |:d|T(B>AB)d B2 a2|T(fe)fa Tf2 (ed)|T(e>d)(e>f) e2 d'2|(ba)bd' b2 {gb}d'2| T(BAB)d B2 (a>g)|Tf>e (f/g/a) Tf2 (ed)|(ef)(ab) faef|{e}d2 (Bc) B2:| |:d|T(BA)Bc (B^c)(de)|(f/a/g/f/) (e/g/f/e/) (d>e) (f/e/f/d/)|e(B/A/) GB E(e/f/) (g/f/g/a/)| b(a/b/) (g/a/)(f/g/) e3f|g(b/a/) bG F(a/^g/) aF|Egfe {e}T^d2 eA| B2 b2 (af)(ef)|{e}Td2 (Bc)B2::d|(BABc) (B^c)(de)| f>g (f/e/)(d/^c/) d3f|e2 (EF) (GA)(Bc)|(BA)(GF) E2 (e>f)| g(d/c/) BG (B/d/)(g/a/) bg|a(g/a/) (f/g/)(e/f/) (d>e) f/(e/f/d/)| eE g/(f/g/e/) fF a/(^g/a/f/)|b2 (Bc) B2:: d|B4 d3g|(fe)(d^c) d3 f| e4 g3a|(ba)(gf) e3 (g/f/)|gGgb fFfa|Egfe {e}T^d2 eA|B2 b2 (ag)(ef)|{e}d2 (Bc) B2:| "Brisk"d|B4 d3e|{de}f2 T(ed) d3f|e4 g3a|{ga}b2 e2 Te3f| g2g2g2 ag|Tfefg f2 (ed)|e2e2 Tf3e|{e}d2B2B2:|]

X:5 T:Green grow's the Rashes [1] S:Petrie's Second Collection of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances &c. Z:Steve Wyrick <sjwyrick'at'astound'dot'net>, 6/11/04 N:Petrie's Second Collection, page 22 L:1/8 M:C R:Reel K:G B|G/G/G (BA) BGGB|A/A/A (ed) eAAB|(cBc)e dcBG|A(cTBA) GEE:| |:B|G/G/G (ge) gddg|e/e/e (ag) aeef|gage dcBG|A(cTBA) GEE:|

X:1 T:Green grows the Rashess [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Reel B:Robert Petrie – Third Collection of Strathspey Reels (1802, p. 13) N:Dedicated to Francis Garden Esq. Junior of Troup by N:Robert Petrie at Kirkmichael. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G B|G/G/G BA BGGB|A/A/A ed eAAB|T(cBce) dcBG|(AcTBA) GEE:| |:B|G/G/G ge gddg|e/e/e ag aeef|gage dcBG|(AcTBA) GEE:|]

X:3 T:Green Grows the Rashes [1] M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Neil Gow & Son's Complete Repository c.1805 Z:Paul Kinder R:Reel K:G A|G/2G/2G B>A BGGB|A/2A/2A e>d eAAB|c2 ce d/2c/2B/2A/2 GB|A/2B/2c BA GE E:|| A|G/2G/2G g>f gddg|e/2e/2e ag aeef|g>age d/2c/2B/2A/2 GB|A/2B/2c BA GEEA| G/2G/2G g>f gddg|e/2e/2e ag aeef|gbeg dgBg|A/2B/2c BA GE E|]

X: 1 T:Green Grow the Rushes O. BF13.011 M:4/4 L:1/8 Q:1/4=90 S:MS13,Browne family,c1825,Lake District R:.Reel O:England A:Lakes N:No key or time signature given Z:vmp.Cherri Graebe. K:C major "_As Written"GGAB G2G2|ABcd eAAcc3|\ e d/2c/2B/2A/2 G2 AcBA|EE2E2:|! |:dggf gdde|aagb eefg|g d/2c/2B/2A/2 G A2|BcAG E E2|! dfge gdde|aaga eefg|begd gBdG|cBAG E E:|

X:1 T:Green Grow the Rushes O M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Andante" B:”Melodist: A Collection of music in two volumes" (1826-1859, No. 69, p. 38) N:The melodist is a musician's ms., probably by a fiddler, that contains both N:tunes and songs from a variety of sources, American and European. The N:inscription on the inside cover reads, "This is from the Bridge family of N:Augusta, Maine (Horatio Bridge, friend of Hawthorne's)". However, entries in N:the ms. were in different hands indicating several contributors. N:The ms. is neat and the notation studied and precise. F: Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F (A/G/)|F>FA>G|AFG>A|G>dd>^c|dGG z/A/|B>AB>d|c>AFA|G>BA>G|FDD:| |:cff>e|fcc2|(dg)g^f|gddz/e/|f>g{g}f{e}d|cAFz/A/|G>BA>G|FDD:|]

X:98 T:Green Grows The Rushes O [1]. WI.098 M:C L:1/8 Q:1/2=70 B:Wm Irwin, Folio MS, c1850. AGG's Transcription R:.Reel O:England A:Lake District Z:vmp.Chris Partington.2005 K:G D2|G/G/G (BA) B>GGB|A/A/A (ed) e>AAB|c2ce dBGB|A/B/c BA GEE:| |:D|G/G/G g>f gddf|e/e/e a>^g aeef|gage dBGB|A/B/c BA GEE:|

X:142 T:Green Grows the Rashes [1] O:No 142 Page 68 William Clarke of Feltwell Z:Transcribed by M Humphreys May 2010 M:4/4 L:1/8 K:G B| G/G/G BA BGGB| A/A/A ed eAAB| cB/ce/ d<g BG| AcBA GEE:| |: F| G/G/G gf gddg| eaag aeef| gage dBGB| AcBA GEEF| G/G/G gf gddg| eaag aeef| gage d<g B<g| AcBA GEE||

X:1 T:Green Grows the Rushes Oh [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Reel B:Stephen Grier music manuscript collection (Book 2, c. 1883, No. 224, p. 47) B: N:Stephen Grier (c. 1824-1894) was a piper and fiddler from N:Newpark, Bohey, Gortletteragh, south Co. Leitrim. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G D|G2 GA BGGB|ABcd eAAf|gfge dcBG|AcBA GE E2:| gfge fddf|efga beef|gfge dcBG|AcBA GE E2| gfge fddf|efga bee2|bgaf gedB|AcBA GE E2||

X:1 T:Green Grow the Rashes O! [1] L:1/8 M:C| R:Reel B:Stewart-Robertson - The Athole Collection (1884) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:C D|G2 BA BGGB|A/A/A ed eAAB|c2 ce dBGB|A/B/c BA GEE:| A|G/G/G gf gddg|eaa^g aeef|gage dcBG|A/B/c BA GEEA| Gggf gddg|eaa^g aeef|gbeg dgBG|A/B/c BA GEE||

X:2 T:Green Grows the Rushes-O [1] M:4/4 L:1/8 S:Capt. F. O'Neill Z:Paul Kinder R:Reel K:G D|G2 GA BG G2|ABcd eAAB|c2 Ted B2 TdB|AcBA GE E:| |:d|gfga Tge d2|eaab agef|1gfge dcBG| AcBA GE E:|2gfge dBgB|AcBA GE E||

X:1 T:Green Grow the Rushes O [1] M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Reel B:A.S. Bowman – “J.W. Pepper Collection of Five Hundred Reels, Jigs, B:etc.” (Phila., 1908, No. 157, p. 33) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:G .G(G/A/) B/G/G/B/|A/B/c/d/ e/c/A/B/|.c(e/c/) .B(d/B/)|A/c/B/A/ (G/E/).E| G/F/G/A/ B/G/G/B/|A/B/c/d/ e/c/A/B/|c/e/d/c/ B/d/c/B/|A/c/B/A/ (G/E/).E|| g{a}g/e/ (f/d).d/.f/|e/b/b/a/ b/e/e/f/|{a}g/f/g/e/ .d(d/B/)|A/c/B/A/ (G/E/).E| {a}g/f/g/e/ f/d/d/f/|e/f/g/a/ b/e/e/f/|(3g/b/a/ (3g/f/e/ .d(d/B/)|A/c/B/A/ (G/E/).E||

X:1 T:Green grow the rashes o' [1] M:C L:1/8 R:Highland Fling B:Lees - The Balmoral Reel Book (c. 1910, p. 16) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G D2|:G2 B>A (B<G) G>B|A2 e>d (e<A) A>B|c>de>c B>cd>B|A>c B>A (G<E) E2:| |:G2 g>f (g<d) d2|(e<a) a>^g (a<e) e>f|g>ag>e d>B (G<B)|A>c B>A (G>E) E2:|]

X:1 T:Green Grows the Rushes O [1] M:2/2 L:1/8 R:Fling B:James Morrison - How to Play the Globe Accordion Irish B:Style (1931, No. 31, p. 26) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:A A2 A>B cA A2|d>cd>e fBB>c|d>ef>d c>de>c|(3Bcd c>B AF F2:| |:a2 a>f ec c2|a2 a>b c'f f2|a>ba>f e>fe>c|(3Bcd c>B AF F2:|]

X:1 T:Green Grows the Rushes [1] M:C| L:1/8 R:Highland Fling B:Jerry O'Brien's Accordion Instructor (Boston, 1949) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:G E|G2 G>A B>GG>B|A>Bc>d e>AA>B|c>de>c B>cd>B|A>cB>A G>E D2:| g2 g>e d>BB>d|e>aa>b a>ge>f|g>fg>e d>ed>B|A>cB>A G>E D2| g2 g>e d>BB>d|e>aa>b a>ge>f|g>ba>g e>fg>e|d>BA>B G>F>ED||

X:4 T:Green Grow the Rashes-O [1] D:World of Arthur Spink Z:Nigel Gatherer R:waltz M:3/4 L:1/4 K:D A | d3 | f2e | fd2 | d2f | e3 | B2A | BE2 | E2F | G2F | G2B | A2F | D2F | E2G | F2E | DB,2 | B,3 ||A3 | d2c | cA2 | A3 | B3 | e2^d | eB2 | B2c | d2e | d2B | A2F | D2F | E2G | F2E | DB,2 | B,2 |]