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 Theme code Index    5L111 3b212,
 Also known as    Katharine Ogie, Katharine Oggy, Catherine Logie, Katherine Loggy, Lady Catherine Ogle, Ketrin Ogie, Bonny Katherine Oggy, Highland Mary (3), Catherine Ogie
 Composer/Core Source    Biography:Rory dall O'Cahan (?)
 Region    Scotland
 Genre/Style    Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Air/Lament/Listening Piece
 Key/Tonic of    A
 Accidental    NONE
 Mode    Aeolian (minor)
 Time signature    4/4
 Structure    AABB
 Editor/Compiler    William McGibbon
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:Scots Tunes Book 2
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 44
 Year of publication/Date of MS    c. 1746
 Artist    Biography:The Broadside Band
 Title of recording    John Playford's Popular Tunes
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    Amon Ra CDSAR 28
 Year recorded    1952-1961
 Score   (1)   

X:1 T:Kathren Oggie M:4/4 L:1/8 R:Air B:Panmure Violin 1 Manuscript (c. 1670's, f35v) K:Ador V:1 clef=treble name="1." [V:1]E2|A4 GA|B2A2A3B |d3 B dBAG|G4B4| E2A4 GA|B2A2A3g|eged eged|e4a4| gaba bage|dege gedB|ABdB dBAG|G4 B4| E2A4 GA|B2A2g3a|bage gedB|A4e4| E2A4 GA|B2A2A3 B|dBdB dBAG|G4 B4| EDEG AGAB|dBAG A3g|eged eged|e4a4| gaba bagf|efgf gfed|Bcde dcBA|G4 g2 ga| bagb agea|gedg edBe|dBAG GABG|A4 e4||

X:2 T:Scotch Tune, A M:C| L:1/8 B:Playford - Apollo's Banquet (1687) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Gmin V:1 clef=treble name="2." [V:1]D2G2G2(FG)|A2(G2G2)c2|c3d (cA) (GF)|F3G A3 G/F/|D2G2 G3A| B2G2G2f2|d2 (cd) (fd) (cA)|G4 B3||A|(d=e)(fg) (fe)(dc)|Bcd=e f3c| A2f2 cA GF|F3G A2GF|D2G2G2 FG|A2G2 f3g|agfd cdcA|G4 B4||

X:3 T:Katrin Ogie L:1/4 M:4/4 K:Am V:1 clef=treble name="3." [V:1]F|DGGG|AGG/2A/2c|AGA2|F3/2G/2AF|DGGG| AGGc|ddcA|G2A||c|dddA|cccG| AAAG|FGAF|DGGG|AGGc|ddcA|G2A|]

X:1 T:Katharine Ogie M:C L:1/8 B:Alexander Stuart – “Musick for Allan Ramsay’s Collection part 6” B:(Edinburgh, c. 1724, pp. 136-137) F:https://digital.tcl.sc.edu/digital/collection/rbc/id/3076 Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Amin V:1 (A>G)|E2 (AB) A3B|(c>d)(B>c) A2 (G/A/B/c/)|d3 g (dB)(AB)|G3A (G/A/)B (A>G)| E2 (A>B)|A3B|(c>d)(B>c) A2 (e/f/)g|e2 d(c/B/) (c>d)(B>c)|A4 e2:| |:(AB)|(cd)(ef) {ef}g3a|(ge)(d>c) g2 (d>c)|B2 (gf/e/) (dc/B/) A>B|G3 A (B/c/d) cB| (c>d)(B>c) A3E|(A>B)(c>d) e2 (d>c)|(de)(ga) (ge)(gB)|A4 e2:| V:2 clef = bass z2|A,2E,2A,,2z2|A,,2E,2A,,2z2|G,2B,,2G,,2D,2|B,,2D,2G,2G,,2| A,2C,B,, A,,2E,2|A,2E,2A,,2 z2|C,2D,2E,2E,,2|A,6:| |:z2|C2 C,D, E,2G,2|C,2G,2B,,2G,,2|G,2C,2B,2A,2|G,2D,2G,,2G,2| A,2E,2C,2A,,2|C,2A,,B,, C,2B,,A,,|G,,C,B,,D, E,2E,,2|A,,6:|

X:1 T:Katharine Ogie M:C| L:1/8 B:David Young – “A Collection of Scotch Airs with the latest Variations” (AKA - The B:McFarlane Manuscript (c. 1741, No. 29, p. 58) N:Two-strain tune and 7 variations by Disblair F:https://rmacd.com/music/macfarlane-manuscript/collection/pdfs/katharine_ogie.pdf N:The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland K:Amin TAG|E2 (3ABA TA3B|(3cdc (B/d/c/B/) TA3B|G2 Tg>e (d/B/d/A/) BD|G3 A (G/A/B) T(AG)| E2 (3ABA TA3B|(3cdc (3BcB A2 (3a^ga|Te2 (3dcB (3cde Tc>B|A4 e2:| |:AB|c>d (e/g/f/a/) g2 (3gab|(a/g/f/e/) (d/c/B/A/) g2 (a/g/f/e/)|(d>g) (c>g) (B>c) (A>B)|G3 d (3Bcd T(c>B)| (3cde Tc>B TA3E|(3cdB c>d {cd}e2 ga|(b/a/g) (a/g/e) (g/e/d) gB|A4 e2:| |:z^f/g/|aAT^ce aATce|aAT^ce aA ^f/g/a/f/|gdBd gGBd|gdBb gd B/^c/d/B/| eAT^ce (a/g/^f/e/) Tce|aAT^ce aA (^f/g/a/f/)|gdBd gd (e/d/=c/B/)|A4 e2:| |:z|A/B/|cdef gbgd|gbgd gg a/g/f/e/|dd e/d/c/B/ cc d/c/B/A/|GABc dgdB| cecA BdBG|ABcd egec|dgdg cgBg|a4 e2:| |:z^f/g/|aA^cA EAcA|EA^cA eA c/d/e/^f/|gdBG DGBG|DGBG gd B^c/d/B/| ^cAEA cAEA|ae^ce cAe^f|gdeB dBgB|AeT^cA eAc:| |:e|=cGEG cecG|gdBb gbgd|(b/a/g/^f/) gd ecdB|cAdD GBdB| cAdB e^c^fd|^gea^f gegb|(3e^fe dB ^ca^gB|A4 e2:| |:z^f/g/|a^cae acae|a^cae aA ^f/g/a/f/|gdgB gdgB|gdBg dD B^c/d/B/| ^cAdB ecea|begd Bege|gBeB GBgB|A4 A2:| |:zA/B/|cGcE dGdG|ecec gcac|dgBg dgBg|(d/c/B/A/) (B/A/B/D/) GBdB| cAEA dBeB|dB^fd be^ge|(a/^g/^f/e/) (d/^c/B/A/) =GB=gB|A4e2:| [M:6/8]E|(A^c)e (ac)A|(e^f)e (ef)e|(dg)d (Bd)B|(GB)d (Bd)g| (^cB)A (ec)e|(ab)a (ab)a|(gb)e (dg)d|(Be)^d e2:| |:G|(c=d)e (fg)f|(ed)c (ga)g|(fe)d (cB)A|(GB)d (dg)B| (cB)A (dc)B|(ed)c (gf)e|(ab)a (ge)d|(^ce)a A2:| |:e|a3 e2d|(ce)a (ce)a|(gf)e (gf)e|(dg)d (Bd)B| (cB)A (ec)e|(ab)a (ab)a|(gb)e (dg)d|(Be)^d e2:| |:G|(ce)g (ce)g|(Bd)g (Bd)g|(ba)g (dg)d|(Bd)B (Gd)B| (ce)c (dg)d|(ea)e (^fb)f|(gb)e (dg)B|(cA)E A,2:| |:c|(d/c/B/A/)B (Ec)e|(d/c/B/A/)B (Ec)e|(d/c/B/A/)B (DG)B|(dg)d (B/c/d)B| (d/c/B/A/)e (gd)g|(ec)e (ae)a|(b/a/g/a/)b (ea)^c|(Be)^d e2:| |:c|(d/c/B/A/)G (cE)c|(d/c/B/A/)G (ec)g|(b/a/g/^f/)g- gdg|(BG)B (dg)B| (d/c/B/A/)d (f/e/d/c/)G|(a/g/^f/e/)a (b/a/g/f/)b|(a/g/^f/e/)f (d/^c/B/A/)B|(G/^F/E/D/)E A,2:| |:^f/g/|ae^c Ace|(a/g/^f/e/d/^c/) Aae|gdB GBe|(g/f/e/d/c/B/) GdB| ^cAe- ec/d/e|a^f/g/a ge/f/g|^fd/e/f e^c/d/e|(BG)B e2:| |:c|(d/c/B/A/)G (cE)c|(dG)d (ec)e|(gb)e (dg)d|(ca)c (Bg)B| c(d/c/B/A/) e(f/e/d/c/)|g(a/g/f/e/) a(b/a/g/^f/)|(b/a/g/^f/e/d/) (c/B/A/G/^F/E/)|AEC !fermata!A,2:|]

X:1 T:Kat. Oggie M:C L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Slow" B:Francis Barsanti – “Collection of Old Scots Tunes” (Edinburgh, 1742, p. 1) F: https://vmirror.imslp.org/files/imglnks/usimg/b/b0/IMSLP94625-PMLP194938-Barsanti_A_Collection_of_Old_Scots_Tunes.pdf N:Francis Barsanti (1690-1775) was an Italian flautist, oboist and composer who spent N:most of his life in London and Edinburgh. Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:Amin V:1 TA>G|E2 A>B A3B|c>d{c}B>c TA2 B>c|d3e d>BTA>G|G3A {c}B2 TA>G|E2 (A>B) TA3B| c>dB>c A2 g>f|{f}e2 Td>B c>d{d}B>c|{B}TA4 e2::A>B|c>de>f Jg3a|(ge)d>e g2 Td>c|B2 (g>e) (d>B)T(A>G)| G3A B2 TA>G|c>dB>c TA2 zE|ABcd Je2 T(dc)|(de)ga (g>e)Td>B|TA4 e2:|] V:2 clef = bass z2|z2 A,>G, F,>E,F,>D,|E,2E,,2 A,,2 G,,>A,,|B,,>A,,B,,>C, D,2D2|G,2D,2G,,2z2|z2 A,>G, F,>E,F,>D,| E,2E,,2A,,2B,,2|C,2D,2E,2E,,2|F,,2F,2E,2::z2|A,,>B,,C,>D, E,>C,E,>F,|E,2 zC B,>A,B,>^F|G,>A,B,>C D2D,,2| G,,4G,2F,2|E,2 E,,2 A,,E, A,2|zE,A,B, C2C,2|G,3F, E,C,D,E,|F,2F,,2E,,2:|]

X:4 T:Katharine Ogie M:C L:1/8 R:Air Q:"Slow" S:McGibbon - Scots Tunes, book II, p. 44 (c. 1746) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Amin V:1 clef=treble name="4." [V:1](A>G) | E2 (A>B) A3B | (c>d)(B>c) A2 (Bd/c/) | d3g (dB)T(A>G) | G3A (G/A/B) TA>G | E2(A>B) A3B | (c>d)(B>c) A2 (a/g/f) | e2 (dc/B/) (c>d)(B>c) | TA4e2 :| |: A>B | (c>d)(e>f) g3a | (ge)T(dc) g2 (dc) | B2 (AB) (dB)(AB) | G3A (B/c/d) Tc>B | c2T(B>A) A3E | (A>B)(c>d) {c/d/}e2 T(d>c) | (de)(g>a) (ge)(dB) | TA4e2 :| |: (a>g) | e2(a>b) a3b | (c'/b/c'/)d'/ T(b/a/b/>)c'/ a2(bc') | d'3c' (b/d'/c'/)b/ Ta>g | g3a (g/a/b) Ta>g | e2(a>b) a3b|(c'/b/c'/)d'/ (b/a/b/)c' a2 (a/g/f)|e2(dc/B/) (c/4d/4c/4B/4c/>)d/ (B/4c/4B/4A/4B/>)c/|TA4e2 :| AB | c>d (e/d/e/)f/ g3a | (g/a/g/)e/ (g/e/)(d/c/) b2 Td>c | (B/d/e/^f/ g)e (dB)(AB) | G3A (B/c/d) T(c>B) | (c/4/d/4c/4B/4c/>)d/ (B/4c/4B/4A/4B/>)c/ A3E|(AB) (c/B/c/d/) e2 Tdc|(de)(ga) gT(f/e/) (d/f/e/)^G/|TA4e2 :|

X:5 T:Catherine Ogie. SenH.028 C:in Hand B (Humph. Senhouse) Q:1/4=100 M:C| L:1/8 B:Humphrey Senhouse MS, 1747, Cumberland Z:Village Music Project 2017 Anne Wride K:Am V:1 clef=treble name="5." [V:1]E2A2"^tr"A2GA | B2A2A2GE | (GE)(GA) GABA | (GE)(GA) B2 A>G | E2A2"^tr"A2GA | "^tr"B2 A>G "^tr"g3a | (ba)(ge) (ge)(dB) | "^tr"A4e4 || cdef g3a | gede g2d2 | B2g2 dBAB | G3A (G/A/) B "^tr"A>G | c3(B/c/)d3(c/d/) | edeg a3b | "^tr"g2e2 aedB | "^tr"A4"^tr"e4 || W:As Walking forth to ? the Rain, Upon a Morning early, W:While May's sweet scent did clear my brain, from flowers which frow so rarely W:I chanced to meet a pretty maid, who shined though it was foggie W:Asked her name: Sweet Sir, she said, My name is Catherine Ogie

X:6 T:Katherine Ogie M:C L:1/8 R:Air B:James Oswald - Caledonian Pocket Companion, vol. 4 (1760, p. 2) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Amin V:1 clef=treble name="6." [V:1]TA>G|E2 A>B A3B|(c>d)(B>c) A2 (G/A/B/c/)|d3 g (d<B) T(A>G)| G3A (G/A/B) T(A>G)|g3a|.g(edc) g2 T(d>c)|B2 (g<e) (dB)(AB)|(GA)(Bc) d2 (cB)| (ed)(cB)A2E2|ABcd e2 dc|(de)(ga) (g/e/d/e/) gB|A4 e2:| L:1/16 |:e2g2|a4 AB3 A4 e2g2|g2^g2a2b2 A4 (e2^f2)|e^fg2 f2e2 (d2c2)(B2A2)|(G6A2) G4 (e2g2)| L:1/8 ageg ageg|a/b/a/g/ eg a2 ga|bgae g/e/d/e/ gB|A4 a2 Tg>f| (g/a/b) Ta>g (e/g/a) T(g>e)|(d/e/g) Te>d (B/c/d) TB>A|G(g/a/) (^f/g/)(e/f/) (d/e/)(c/d/) (B/c/)(A/B/)| (G^FGA) (BA)(BG)|(dBcA) (dcdB)|(ede)g (deg)a|(b/a/g/b/) (a/g/e/a/) (g/f/d/e/) gB| A4 e2::d|a>b a2 g>a|{ga}b2 Ta>g a2 g>e|(d>e)(g>a) {ga}b2 a>g|g3a (g/a/b) Ta>g| g3a (g/a/b) Ta>g|e2 a>b a2 g>a|{ga}b2 Ta>g a2 g>a|\ L:1/16 (b/a/g3) (a/g/e3) (gede) g2B2| L:1/8 A4 e2 (A>B)|(c>d) e/(g/^f/a/) g3a|(g/e/d/c/) (d/c/d/e/) g2 Td>c|Bg2 (^f/e/) (d/g/^f/e/ d/)c/B/A/| (G/^F/G/A/) (B/g/^f/e/) (d<B) T(A>G)|c/B/A/B/ (c/A/)a d/c/B/c/ (d/B/)b| (c'/b/)(a/g/) (e/d/)(e/g/) a2 (g>a)|(b/a/g/e/) (g/e/d/B/) (deg)B|A4e2:| M:C| L:1/8 "Brisk"AG|E2A2A2GA|B2A2 A3B|d3e (dB)(AB)|G4 TB2(AB)| E2A2A2 (GA)|B2A2 g3a|(ba)(ge) (ge)(dB)|A4 e2:| |:(AB)|c2 (de) g3a|(ge)(de) g2 (ed)|B2g2 (dB)(AB)|G4 B2 (AB)| c2c2d2d2|(ed)(eg) a3g|e2 (de) (ge)(dB)|A4e2:|]

X:7 T:Cathrine Ogie M:C L:1/8 R:Air S:O'Farrell - Pocket Companion, vol. II (c. 1806) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Amin V:1 clef=treble name="7." [V:1]A>G | E2 A>B A3B | c2 B>A A2 B>c | d3e dB A>B | G3A B2 A>G | E2 A>B A3B | c>d B>c A2 g>f | e2 d/c/B c>d B>c | A4 e2 :: AB | c>d e>f g3a | g<e de g2 d>c | B2 g>e dB A>B | G3A (B/4c/2<d) c>B | c2 (B>A/2B/4) A3E | A>Bc d2 {c/d/}e2 d>c | d>eg>a g<e dB | A4 e2 :|]

X:8 T:Catherine Ogie M:2/4 L:1/8 R:Pipe March B:William Ross -- Ross's Collection of Pipe Music (1869, No. 84, p. 91) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Amix V:1 clef=treble name="8." [V:1]e/d/|BA AG/A/|BA AB/c/|de/d/ BA/B/|G>A Be/d/| BA AG/A/|B Ag|ag/e/ d/<e/g/d/|BA d<e:| de/f/ gf/g/|ae ea|g/f/e/d/ e/f/g/B/|G>A Be| de/f/ gf/g/|ae ea|g/f/e/d/ e/f/g/d/|BA d<e| de/f/ gf/g/|ae ea|g/f/e/d/ e/f/g/B/|G>A Be| cB/c/ dc/d/|ef/g/ a>f|g/f/e/d/ e/f/g/d/|BA d<e||

X:9 T:Catherine Ogie M:2/4 L:1/8 R:March S:Morison - Highland Airs and Quicksteps, vol. 2, No. 43 (c. 1882) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:Amin e/d/ |: BA AG/A/ | BA AB/c/ | de/d/ BA/B/ | G>A Be/d/ | BA AG/A/ | BA Ag | ag/e/ d/e/g/d/ | BA Ae/d/ :| de/^f/ gf/g/ | ae ea | g/^f/e/d/ e/f/g/B/ | G>ABe | de/^f/ gf/g/ | ae ea | g/^f/e/d/ e/f/g/d/ | BA Ae/^f/ | de/^f/ gf/g/ | ae ea | g/^f/e/f/ e/f/g/B/ | G>ABe | cB/c/ dc/d/ | e^f/g/ a>f | g/^f/e/d/ e/f/g/B/ | BA A2 ||