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 Theme code Index    1153 5653
 Also known as    Lady Mary Ramsay's Favorite, Mary Ramsay, Sailor Ower da Raft Trees, Auld Toon o' Edinburgh, Queen's Shilling (The), Sail Her ower da Raft Trees
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    Scotland, Ireland, Canada
 Genre/Style    Cape Breton/PEI, Irish, Scottish, Shetland/Orkney
 Meter/Rhythm    Highland, Reel (single/double), Strathspey
 Key/Tonic of    D
 Accidental    2 sharps
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    4/4
 History    IRELAND(Ulster), SCOTLAND(Shetland/Orkney), CANADA(Maritimes/English)
 Structure    AB, AAB
 Editor/Compiler    Nathaniel Gow
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:Fourth Collection of Niel Gow's Reels
 Tune and/or Page number    p. 15
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1800
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
 Score   (1)   

X:1 T:Lady Mary Ramsay's Favorite T:Lady Mary Ramsay [1] M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel B:Abraham Mackintosh - A Collection of Strathspeys, Reels, Jigs, etc. (n.d., early 19th century) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:F A|[A,3F3]d cAAd|cAdB c>BAf|F<FFd cAAc|dFcA AGG:|| f/g/|affa geeg|fddf cAA f/g/|affa geec|dfcA AGG f/g/| affa geeg|fddf cAA f/g/|afge fdcA|dfcA AGG|]

X: 1 T:Mary Ramsay T:Lady Mary Ramsay [1] M:C L:1/8 S:Thomas Sands' MS, TS.081, 1810, Lincolnshire R:reel O:Lincolnshire C:Nath. Gow Z:vmp.Ruairidh Greig, 2011 F: 2013-08-07 024822 UT K:D D2DF AFFA|F/G/"s-q in ms"A DF AFFd|D2DF AFFA|BdAFE2z2:|! fddf ecce|dBBd AFFD|fddf ecce|dBAFE2z2|! fddf ecce|dBBd AFFD|dfce BdAd|FdAF E2z2|]

X:2 T:Lady Mary Ramsay's Reel T:Lady Mary Ramsay [1] R:reel S:Rev. R. Harrison's MS, RH.417, c. 1815, Cumbria O:England A:Temple Sowerby, Cumbria Z:vmp.Simon Wilson. Review PJH, 2008. M:C| L:1/8 K:Bm F|D3B AFFB|A<FBG AFFd|D3B AFFA|BEAF E/E/E E:|! |:d/e/|fd-df ecce|dBBd AFF d/e/|fddf ecdA|Bd AF E/E/E Ed/e/|! fd-df ecce|dfBd AFFA|dfce BdAB|FdAF E/E/E E|]

X:74 C:Page 37 T:Lady Mary Ramseys Strathspey. MBe.74 A:England;Cumbria;Towcett B:Matthew Betham MS, Towcett Cumbria, 1815 Z:VMP - Hugh Taylor, 2012 M:Ador L:1/16 Q:1/2=100 R: C:Nathaniel Gow N:The exact position of many of the slurs is not clear: this is my best guess. K:G B2|G6 e2 dB3 B~e3|dB3 e3c d2B2 B2g2|G6 e2 dB3B3e|eF3 d3B AAA2 A2:| |:ga|bg3g3b bg3g3b|ge3e3g (d2B2B2) ~g3a|b(g3g3)b bf3g3d|eg3 d3B AAA2 A2ga| (bg3g3b) (af3f3a)|g3b(e3g) d(B3B3d)|g3(bf3a) eg3d3d|Bg3 d3B AAA2 A2:|

X:8 T:Marey Ramsay,unedited. BF12.08 M:2/2 L:1/8 Q:1/4=100 B:MS12,J.Wilson,1833,Browne Coll.,Lakes A:Cumbria, England N:The time signature is an illegiable squiggle, but 2/2 seems to make N:sense. The key signature is sharps on top space and middle line. (E N:and B). The photocopy is a little difficult to read Z:Village Music Project, 2000, Cherri Graebe. K:D major "_As Written, see abc Notes" D2B2AFF|BAFd BAFF|D2B2 AFFA|(Bcd) A2F2|EE/2E/2 E2:| |:fddf|ecce|d2B2B2d2BFF|efdd e2c2c2|(Bcd) AF E2| efdd fecc|dBB d2 AFFA|dfce B2|A2F2|G2B2A2F2|EEEE2:|

X:1 T:Lady Mary Ramsay [1] M:C L:1/16 R:Strathspey B: Joseph Lowe - Lowe's Collection of Reels, Strathspeys and Jigs, B:book 1 (1844–1845, p. 7) Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:D F2|D6B2 AF3~F3B|AF3B3G AF3Fd3|D6 B2 AF3~F3A|B3dA3F EEE2 ~E2:| g2|fd3~d3f ec3~c3e|dB3B3d AF3~F3g|fd3~d3f ec3d3A|B3dA3F EEE2 E2g2| fd3~d3f ec3~c3e|d3fB3d AF3~F3A|d3fc3e B3dA3B|F3dA3F EEE2 ~E2||

X:158 T:Reel T:Lady Mary Ramsay’s Favorite T:Lady Mary Ramsay [1] O:No 158 William Clarke of Feltwell Z:Transcribed by David Dolby 2010 M:C L:1/8 N:In M.S. repeat marks at beginning of B but not at end. K:G |:B |G2Ge dBBe|dBec dBBg|G2Ge dBBd|(e/f/g) dB A2A:|| (g/a/)|bggb affa|geeg dBB (g/a/)|bggb affd|(e/f/g) dB A2 A(g/a/)| bggb affa|geeg dBBd|g<b f<a e<g d<B|(e/f/g) dB A2A||

X:3 T:Lady Mary Ramsey Strathspey M:C| L:1/16 R:Strathspey B: Köhler’s Violin Repository, Book One (1881, p. 55) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:D [D6D6](B2 AF3)F3B|AF3 BG3 AF3 Fd3|[D6D6] (B2 AF3)F3A|(3d2c2B2 (3A2G2F2 E2A,2(B,2C2)| [D6D6](B2 AF3)F3B|AF3 BG3 AF3 Fd3|[D6D6](B2 AF3)F3A|(3B2c2d2 (3A2G2F2 [A,6E6]|| g2|fd3 d3f ec3 de3|dB3 B3d AF3 F3g|fd3 d3f ec3 c3A|(3B2c2d2 (3A2G2F2 [A,6E6]g2| fd3 d3f ec3 c3e|dB3 B3d AF3 F3A|(3d2e2f2 (3e2d2c2 (3B2c2d2 (3A2G2F2|(3G2A2B2 (3A2B2c2 (3d2A2G2 (3F2G2E2|]

X:4 T:Lady Mary Ramsay [1] M:C L:1/16 R:Strathspey B:Stewart-Robertson - The Athole Collection (1884) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion N:"Original key" K:D A,2|D6B2 AF3 F3B|A3FB3G AF3Fd3|D6B2 AF3 F3A|d3BA3F EEE2 E2:| g2|fd3 d3f ec3 c3e|dB3 d3B AF3 F3e|fd3 d3f e3dc3A|d3BA3F EEE2 E2e2| f3dd3f e2c2c2e2|dB3 d3B AF3 F3A|d3fc3e B3dA3F|d3BA3F EEE2 E2|| P:last two bars at end of tune go: (3d2e2f2 (3e2d2c2 (3d2c2B2 (3A2G2F2|(3G2A2B 2(3A2G2F2 FE3 E3F|]

X:5 T:Lady Mary Ramsay [1] M:C| L:1/8 R:Reel B:Stewart-Robertson - The Athole Collection (1884) Z:AK/Fiddler's Companion K:E Flat G|E3c B<G G>c|B<G c>A B<G G>e|E3c B<G G>B|c>EB>G F/F/F F:| e/f/|g<e e>g f<d d>f|e<c c>e B<G Ge/f/|g<e e>g f>de>B|c<e B>G F/F/F Fe/f/| g<e e>g f<d d>f|e<g c>e B<G G>B|e<g d>f c<e B>c|G<e B>G F/F/F F|]

X:5 T:Lady Mary Ramsay's Reel T:Lady Mary Ramsay [1] T:The Queen's Shilling (DMI752) D:Aly Bain/Phil Cunningham: The Ruby Z:Nigel Gatherer M:4/4 L:1/8 K:D FE | D3 B AFFA | BGGB AFAd | D3 B AFFA | BdAF EGFE | D3 B AFFA | BGGB AFAd | D3 B AFFA | BdAF E3 || g | fddf ecce | dBBd AFDg | fddf eccA | BdAF E3 g | fddf ecce | dBBd AFD2 | faef dBAF | BdAF EGFE |]