My Silly Auld Man

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 Theme code Index    5353 5316L
 Also known as    Before I was Married, Billy O'Rourke's Jig (1), Black Rogue (1), Come Under My Plaidie, Johnny MacGill, Johnnie McGill, Johnnie MacGill
 Composer/Core Source    
 Region    Scotland
 Genre/Style    Scottish
 Meter/Rhythm    Air/Lament/Listening Piece, Jig/Quadrille
 Key/Tonic of    F
 Accidental    1 flat
 Mode    Ionian (Major)
 Time signature    6/8
 Editor/Compiler    Biography:Robert Riddell of Glenriddell
 Book/Manuscript title    Book:Collection of Scotch Galwegian Border Tunes
 Tune and/or Page number    pp. 10-13
 Year of publication/Date of MS    1794
 Title of recording    
 Record label/Catalogue nr.    
 Year recorded    
 Score   ()   

X:1 T:My silly auld man M:6/8 L:1/8 R:Jig Q:”Lively” B:Robert Riddell – Collection of Scotch Galwegian Border Tunes (1794, pp. 10-13) N:Compiled by Capt. Robert Riddell (1755-1794), friend of Robert Burns N:The last variations by "J.C." are from John Cowan, "a very noted performer N:on the fiddle, at Newton Stewart in Galloway. He died (as I have been informed) N:before the middle of the present century, having obtained longevity in its N:plentitude--old Peter MacNaughtan fiddler at Monniehive told me he was taught N:by John Cowan about the year 1725 and he was then an old man." Z:AK/Fiddler’s Companion K:F f|cAA AGA|cAA A2f|cAA AGA|FDD D2f| cAA AGA|cAA AGF|TG3 AGA|FDD D3:| |:f3 {a}gfg|afc AFA|f3 {a}gfg|afd Td2 f/g/| afa geg|fde {g}f2d|cAF GAG|FDD D2:| |:f|cAA AGA|cAA A2f|cAA AGA|FDD D2f| cA/B/c/A/ FA/B/c/A/|cA/B/c/A/ dB/c/d/B/|cA/B/c/A/ GAG|FDD D2:| |:c|{g}f3 {a}gfg|afc {B}AGF|f3 {a}gfg|afd Td2f/g/| af/g/a/f/ ge/f/g/e/|fdf {d}cAF|TF3 GAG|FDD D2:| |:f|{d}cBA {B}AGF|{d}cBA A2f|{d}cBA {B}AGA|{G}FDD D2f| {d}cB {B}AGF|{d}cBA {B}AGF|G,3 {B}AGA|FDD D2:| |:c|f3 {a}gfg|abg edc|f3 {a}gfg|afd dfg| aAa gGg|fFe {g}f2d|cAF Tg2A|FDD D2:| |:f|{d}cAA {B}AGF|{d}cAA A2f|cA/B/c/A/ GAG|FDD D2f| cA/B/c/A/ FA/B/c/A/|cA/B/c/A/ dB/c/d/B/|cA/B/c/A/ GAG|FDD D2:| |:c|f3 {a}gfg|afc AFA|f3 {a}gfg|afd d2 f/g/| d'3 c'3|b3 a3|{d}cAF GAG|FDD D2:| |:f|cAA AGA|cAA A2f|cAA AGA|FDD D2f| cAf cAf|dAf dAf|{G}TF3 AGA|FDD D2:| |:e|fFf gEg|aFa gEg|fFf gEg|afd d2 f/g/| aAa gGg|fFe {gf2d|cAF TG2A|FDD D2:| |:f’|c'aa aga|c'aa a2f'|c’aa {b}aga|fdd d2f’| c’aa {b}aga|c'.a.a {b}agf|Tg3 aga|fdd d2:| |:e|f3 {a}gfg|af/g/a/f/ AFA|f3 {a}gfg|afd d2 f/e/| dd’d cc'c|BbB Afd|cAF G2A|FDD D2:| |:f|cAA AGA|cAA A2f|cdB {B}AGA|FDD D2f| cdB {B}AGA|Ffc {B}AGF|DED AGA|FDD D2:| |:e|fe/f/g/e/ ge/f/g/e/|af/g/a/f/ ge/f/g/e/|fe/f/g/e/ ge/f/g/e/| afd d2 f/g/| af/g/a/f/ ge/f/g/e/|fdf cAF|TD3 AGA|FDD D2:| |:f|{d}cBA {B}AGF|{d}cAA A2f|{d}cBA {B}AGA|FDD D2f| cAf dAf|cAf dAf|G,3 {B}AGA|FDD D2:| |:e|f3 {a}gfg|abg {f}edc|fef {a}gfg|afd d2 f/g/| [A3a3][e3g3]|[d3f3] def|cAF G,>BA/G/|FDD D2:| |:f|cA/B/c/A/ FA/B/c/A/|cAA A2f|cfB AGA|FDD D2f| cA/B/c/A/ FA/B/c/A/|cA/B/c/A/ dB/c/d/B/|cA/B/c/A/ GAG|FDD D2:| |:c|[A3f3][c3g3]|[c3a3][c3g3]|[A3f3] {a}gfg|afd dfg| [A3a3][G3g3]|Tf3 def|cAF TG2A|FDD D2:| |:e|[C3F3A3f3] {a}gfg|afd AFA|[C3F3A3f3] {a}gfg|afd d2 f/g/| Aab g2a|fde Tf2e/d/|cAF G,>BA/G/|FDD D2:| |:f|cAf dAf|{d}cAA A2f|cAf dAf|FDD D2f| cAf dAf|cAf dAf|TG3 AGA|FDD D2:| |:c|{g}fef {a}gfg|afc AFA|f3 {a}gfg|afd d2 f/e/| dd'd' cc'c'|Bbb Afd|{d}cAF TG2A|FDD D2:| |:f’|c'aa {b}aga|c'aa a2f'|c'aa {b}aga|fdd d2f’| c'af' d'af'|c'af' d'af'|f2 {b}aga|fdd d2:| |:c|fef/g/e/ ge/f/g/e/|af/g/a/f/ ge/f/g/e/|fe/f/g/e/ ge/f/g/e/|afd d2f/g/| d'c'd' Tc'b'c'|Tbab Taga|Tf3 {a}gfg|fdd d2:| |:f|c>AA/A/ F>AA/A/|c>AA/A/ A2f|c>AA/A/ F>AA/A/|F>DD/D/ D2f| c>AA/A/ F>AA/A/|c>AA/A/ F>AA/A/|G,2B AGA|FDD D2:| |:c|f>ff/f/ g>gg/g/|afd AFA|f>ff/f/ g>gg/g/|afd Td3| d'>d'd'/d'/ c'>c'c'/c'/|b>bb/b/ a>aa/a/|f3 {a}gfg|fdd d2:| |:f|{d}cAA {G}FAA|{d}cAA {g}fAA|{d}cAA {G}FGA|{G}FDD D2f| {d}cAA {G}FAA|{d}cAA {e}dAA|G,3 {B}AGA|FDD D2:| |:e|fFf gEg|afd {d}cBA|fFf gEg|afd d2 f/g/| a3g3|Tf3 def|{d}cAF G2A|FDD D2:| P:"Variations J.C." |:F|Tc>dc/B/ AFA|cAA A2f/g/|a/f/g/e/f/d/ d/c/B/A/G/A/|FDD D2f| .c/.f/.A/.f/.c/.f/ .d/.f/.A/.f/.d/.f/|.c/.f/.A/.f/.c/.f/ .d/.f/.A/.f/.d/.f/| T(F/E/F/G/A/B/) AGA|FDD D2::e|f/f/FG ECg|aFa (a/g/).f/.e/.d/.c/| (F/c/)(a/c/)(a/c/) (E/c/)(g/c/)(g/c/)|fdd Td2 f/g/|a/a/ab Tg2a| .f/.e/f/e/.d/.^c/ def|(d/c/).B/.A/.G/.F/ TG>B{A}G|FDD D2:|]